Bellingham + Stanley Single Wavelength Polarimeter ADP430

Bellingham + Stanley Single Wavelength Polarimeter ADP430

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  • Description

    Single wavelength polarimeter with low maintenance LED light source. Suitable for a range of applications, most popular with customers working within sugar, food, and chemical industries as well as within academia. The ADP430 is ideal for users who prefer or already have waterbaths for temperature control or where temperature compensation or stability is not required.

    • Can be used with waterbath
    • Up to 200mm tube length
    • Standard ICUMSA tubes
    • Continuous or single-shot readings
    • Conforms to USP/EP/BP/JP (@589nm)

    The ADP400 polarimeters are available with or without XPC – Xylem’s patented internal Peltier temperature control system. Both models use standard ICUMSA polarimeter tubes with a maximum length of 200mm. If you are looking for the model with temperature control please select the ADP450 Digital Polarimeter.

    These polarimeters contain proven optics, pioneered by Bellingham + Stanley, featuring “no maintenance” yellow LED and interference filter. Combined with a photodiode detector these technologies allow for the reading of samples of up to 3.0 OD at the commonly used sodium (589nm) wavelength. ADP400 polarimeters feature angular and sugar scales (ISS) and can be programmed with user scales as well as industry standard methods for displaying invert sugar, inversion (A-B) or when applying other factors such as tube length and concentration, Specific Rotation (or concentration when entering specific rotation). This flexibility makes them ideal for use within laboratories where compliance with Pharmacopoeia is required.

    ADP400 Series polarimeters have a resolution of 0.001 angular degrees (°A) and are capable of reading to an accuracy of ±0.010 °A. When working under laboratory controlled conditions, ADP400 polarimeters also offer excellent reproducibility of up to 0.002 °A.

    You can take readings with the ADP400 Series polarimeter in either continuous measurement or our new ‘single-shot’ mode. In continuous mode a reading is taken over a set period of time and a stabilised result displayed at the end of the period. It is excellent for monitoring instrument and sample stability, giving the user a “feel” for the reading obtained.

    The ADP400 Series’ new ‘single-shot’ mode is ideal for pharmaceutical applications where a discrete value is provided without the interpretation of the operator, satisfying operating procedures where interpretation by a third-party, the operator, is not permitted.

    ADP400 Series polarimeters come equipped with a new full colour 4” high definition display meaning results are clearly visible to the operator. The expanded memory ensures that over 8000 measurements and recorded logs of instrument configuration can be saved and viewed or output to LIMS or Secure PDF.

    Calibration and configuration of the instruments can be password protected, accessible by keypad entry or, for convenience, using a fully configurable RFID tag.  This, together with the audit trail, facilitates operation in environments conforming to FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 or GLP.

    The ADP400 Series polarimeters incorporate a number of industry standard interfaces making it easy to connect to peripheral devices including barcode readers, printers and USB memory sticks for external storage.

    Customers looking for a polarimeter to use within the pharmaceutical industry (including veterinary, cosmetics, and nutritionals) should strongly consider instruments with XPC Peltier technology as PHR now demands all samples should be temperature controlled to within +/- 0.5 °C (Reference USP 781, EP 9.9.5).

  • Specifications
    General Specifications 
      Angular Degrees (°A)
      International Sugar Scale (°Z)
      User Scales/Methods

    -355 to +355
    -225 to +225
      Angular Degrees (°A)
      International Sugar Scale (°Z)

    0.01/0.001 (selectable)
      Angular Degrees (°A)
      International Sugar Scale (°Z)

    ± 0.010
    ± 0.030
    Precision (Reproducibility)*
      Angular Degrees (°A)
      International Sugar Scale (°Z)

    ± 0.002
    ± 0.005
    User Scales & Methods Library PHR-MEAN statistical, Specific Rotation, Concentration, Inversion (A-B), Invert Sugar, User Defined.
    Reading Time Continuous measurement and display or single shot (selectable)
    Tube Length 10 to 200mm
    Sample Illumination Sodium (589nm) Light Emitting Diode (100,000+ hours)
    Beam Diameter 4mm
    Optical Density 0.0 to 3.0 OD
    Instrument Housing Polyurethane foam with aluminium base
    Interfaces 1 x USB (A), 1 x Ethernet, RS232 via USB adaptor (optional accessory)
    Power Instrument: 24 V DC, ±5%, <2A 
    External PSU: 100-240V, 50-60Hz (supplied)
    Humidity Range <90% RH (non condensing)
    Temperature ADP430 ADP450 (Peltier)
    Control None or external waterbath Patented XPC Technology
    Compensation None, ICUMSA, Quartz or User Defined
    Measuring Range 5-40 °C  15-35 °C
    Sensor Accuracy ± 0.1 °C ± 0.1 °C
    Stability Waterbath dependent ± 0.2 °C
    Stability Checks None/delay on single-shot  None/delay or SMART