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The Photometry Dictionary - Many Advantages for the Reagent Tests!


Many advantages for the reagent tests!

In addition to the known round cuvettes with a minimum of handling, there are the so-called reagent tests which offer a lot of advantages. They are an alternative for everyone who has a large test demand or changing usage conditions:

  • With barcode and automatic cuvette detection
  • Large measuring range by usability in 10, 20 and 50 mm cuvettes
  • Automatic measuring range switching
  • Large number of determinations and some larger package sizes
  • Most favorable price alternative – with lot certificate and AQS support

Lowest concentration – measure even more accurately!
Illustrated on the example manganese in drinking water: Here, there is often a demand for very low measuring ranges, for example for the production of baby food. You can fully utilize the unbelievable accuracy in the lower range by simple measures during measurement:

  • Blind value:
    Even if the blind value is stored in the method data, you will be able to increase the accuracy a little higher yet with a blind value determination for each new lot. And: Determine the blind value in the same cuvette as the sample!
  • Clean cuvettes:
    Where necessary, the cuvettes should be cleaned, rinsed and used without “drip edges” as indicated in the package insert. This way, you will exclude devia-tions between the sample and blind values by glass and interference influences.
  • Cuvette alignment during the measuring process:
    Blind value and measuring samples should always be aligned the same with in the cuvette: there are arrows or markings on the cuvettes as an aid for this.
  • Caution - trap:
    Watch for the correct measuring range and therefore the correct cuvette size beforehand in the package insert.

Measuring range and number of determinations for Manganese:

Cuvette mm Measuring range mg/l Mn Number of determinations
50 0,25 – 5,00
20 0,50 – 10,00 500
10 0,010 – 2,000

Hier den ganzen Artikel als PDF zum Download

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