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  • 5/31/2023
  • Dr. Klaus Reithmayer

Which pH electrode do I need? What is crucial when selecting a pH electrode?

For successful pH measurement, the selection of the appropriate pH electrode is very important. The pH electrode influences the measurement result. But which pH electrode is best suited for which application and guarantees an optimal result for the pH measurement?more

  • 5/12/2023
  • Dr. Patrick Wolf

7 Tips for accurate and reliable measurements with ISE sensors

What experience do you have with ISE sensors? Have you ever been faced with the question why the sensors drift, measure incorrectly or do not last long? With sensors of the brand WTW and proper maintenance and care, these issues are a thing of the past. In this article you will get helpful expert tips for a carefree measurement. more

  • 5/2/2023
  • Dr. Klaus Reithmayer

Accuracy of pH measurement

Many users ask themselves about the accuracy of pH measurement. There are many influencing variables that are often unknown or not known exactly, even to the expert. What are the main influencing variables, and how can the accuracy be determined?more

  • 5/2/2023
  • Dr. Klaus Reithmayer

Operation, care and storage of pH electrodes

Special emphasis should be placed on the maintenance and care of sensitive electrodes to optimize their service life. To extend their life, and to get the best results from your pH electrodes, we recommend following our simple advice. Remember, the electrode must always be matched to the application to obtain the best possible results.more

  • 5/1/2023
  • Dr. Klaus Reithmayer

Calibration and adjustment of a pH electrode

Why do you have to calibrate? The pH value of an aqueous solution is determined with pH measuring instruments, also known as pH meters. The accuracy of the pH measurement depends on the calibration and adjustment. The adjustment is the setting of the pH meter to the data of the pH electrode (slope and zero point) determined by calibration. Therefore, regular calibration is very useful.more