• 10.11.2023
  • Bellingham + Stanley

New Brochure: ADP400 Series Digital Polarimeters

New Brochure: ADP400 Series Digital Polarimeters

The new brochure for Bellingham + Stanley’s ADP400 Series Digital Polarimeters has arrived! 

The ADP/S400 Series is a range of general-purpose single wavelength polarimeters and saccharimeters with or without XPC Peltier temperature control. Designed to be easy to use and fit in seamlessly with your workflow these polarimeters are suitable for sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

For more information about Bellingham + Stanley’s digital polarimeters visit the homepage here, or contact our customer care team.

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ADP430 Polarimeter

The ADP430 digital polarimeter is a fully featured instrument designed for use in applications where internal temperature control is not required or where the use of automatic temperature compensation or a water bath is preferred, such as within the food industry. Read more here.

ADP450 Polarimeter

The ADP450 digital polarimeter with patented XPC technology features interchangeable contact Peltier plates facilitating measurement at a stable temperature using Peltier control. XPC technology conveniently stabilises the temperature of the sample being measured. With SMART temperature stability enabled, the ADP450 will only give a result when the instrument has displayed a stable temperature over a predetermined timeframe, making for reliable results in compliance with good laboratory practice. Read more here.

ADS400 Saccharimeter

The ADS400 Series Saccharimeter is a purpose built polarimeter that displays results in the ISS (°Z) scale. This series of Bellingham + Stanley instruments has been primarily designed for busy sugar laboratories, factories and tare houses. The ADS400 Series is available in 2 wavelengths: Sodium (589nm), and NIR (850nm) that facilitates “lead-free measurement”. Both models can be purchased with or without XPC Technology – Xylem’s patented on-board Peltier temperature control system for measuring optically active samples at stable temperatures. Read more here

If you want to learn more about Bellingham + Stanley’s digital polarimeters visit the homepage here, or contact our customer care team.

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