• Feb 01, 2019
  • Bellingham + Stanley

Two new derivatives of the ADP600 Series polarimeter introduced

Two new derivatives of the ADP600 Series polarimeter introduced

The ADP610-HCl polarimeter is a single wavelength (589nm) version that has been especially adapted for use with aggressive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid (HCl). The instrument is supplied with a glass polarimeter tube (100mm) incorporating PEEK endcaps as well as and a temperature sensor encapsulated in a hastelloy sheath; materials particularly chosen because of their high level of resistance to acid attack. A spill kit to protect the sample chamber is also supplied.

The ADP663 polarimeter is a multiple wavelength instrument that incorporates a 633nm interference filter so that experiments may be performed at the same wavelength achieved when using a Helium/Neon laser.  This wavelength is commonly used in optical experiments but also in the research of liquids. The ADP663 also incorporates the popular 365nm ultraviolet spectral line making the ADP663 polarimeter one of the widest bandwidth polarimeters available (365nm > 633nm) without venturing in to the near infrared spectrum.

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