• 10.03.2023
  • WTW | Process Segment

IQ SENSOR NET now available with HART interface

IQ SENSOR NET now available with HART interface

With the DIQ/S 281-HART monitor variant, you can now rely on the HART Communication Protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) without having to miss out on the advantages of the IQ Sensor Net.

Its new variant DIQ/S 281-HART

With the HART variant, we have added a new component to our comprehensive IQ Sensor Net measuring system. The standardized DIQ/S 281-HART interface is used particular in projects where data transmission via HART protocol is required for single parameter measuring points. The monitor offers a menu structure that is identical throughout IQ Sensor Net so that the start-up and operation is consistent with other monitors. This simplifies the routine of everyday work and avoids having to learn different systems.

Free software updates with new functions are a matter of course.

    Application areas

    Use the DIQ/S 281-HART to monitor the standard parameters D.O., pH/ORP and conductivity as well as turbidity, solids or sludge level in the fields of wastewater, drinking water and industry.


    Product Page

     More detailed information on the DIQ/S 281-HART can be found on the product page.


    Cover English Product Flyer of WTW's IQ SENSOR NET System 281Download product flyer for the IQ Sensor Net System 281 as PDF file
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