• 07.08.2020
  • WTW, Process Segment

NEW: IQ SENSOR NET Controller 281

NEW: IQ SENSOR NET Controller 281

Your benefits at a glance

You are planning a replacement of your existing analog equipment? The System 281 combines the known performance of analog products with the advantages of the digital IQ Sensor Net:
  • Proven and reliable IQ Sensor Net technology
  • 100 % IQ Sensor Net look & feel
  • 2 mA for main and secondary parameter
  • 2 relays for alarm for main and secondary value
  • You can easily upgrade to DIQ/S 282/284, since IQ sensors can be retained
  • Free software updates with new features

High quality, cost-effective, no risk

Use the current IQ Sensor Net technology and proven measurement technology from WTW. The System 281 offers an ideal and extremely economical access to the IQ Sensor Net.

Up-to-date and future-proof

Secure data transmission, automatic sensor recognition and free Software updates via USB! Get started to the digital world and stay sustainable.

100 % IQ Sensor Net

Uniform software throughout the IQ Sensor Net and compatible sensors for all systems facilitate future expansions.

Application examples

Developed for wastewater, successfully applied in drinking water applications and the process industry for many years: The robust products of WTW are made for many applications. Try it yourself!

In drinking water: 
SensoLyt® 700 IQ 
for different pH ranges

In the outlet: 
VisoTurb® 700 IQ 
turbidity sensor with ultrasonic cleaning

In the aeration basin:
calibration free FDO® 700 IQ
for dissolved oxygen

In the process industry:
TetraCon® 700 IQ
4 electrodes conductivity cell


IQ SENSOR NET Umformer DIQ/S 281 DIQ/S 281 Dual IQ/System 281, Universal monitor for the connection of 1 digital IQ sensor (pH/ORP, D.O., conductivity or turbidity), with 2 analog outputs (0/4-20 mA) and 2 relays, 100 ... 240 VAC 472103
DIQ/S 281/24V Like the DIQ/S 281, but for 24 V AC/ DC voltage supply 472104

Compatible sensors and modules

IQ Sensors (please order cable separately)
SensoLyt® 700 IQ Digital pH/ORP fitting for SensoLyt® electrode, with integrated preamplifier and temperature sensor 109170
TetraCon® 700 IQ Digital 4 electrode conductivity measuring cell for highly contaminated wastewater 302500
TriOxmatic® 700 IQ Universal oxygen sensor for the measurement and regulation of oxygen input in wastewater treatment plants 201640
FDO® 700 IQ Optical O2 sensor for connection to the IQ Sensor Net 201650
FDO® 701 IQ Like the FDO® 700 IQ, but with a faster response time 201660
VisoTurb® 700 IQ Digital turbidity sensor with integrated ultrasonic cleaning 600010
IQ fixed cable sensors (as long as stocks last)
SensoLyt® 700 IQ F pH/ORP sensor with 10 m fixed cable for SensoLyt® electrodes 109177
TriOxmatic® 700 IQ F D.O. sensor with 10 m fixed cable, supplied with accessory kit (ZBK 600) 201643
FDO® 700 IQ F Calibration free optical D.O. sensor with 10 m fixed cable, factory calibrated 201656
FDO® 701 IQ F Calibration free optical D.O. sensor with 10 m fixed cable, factory calibrated, with fast response 201658
TetraCon® 700 IQ F 4 electrode conductivity cell with 10 m fixed cable 302507
VisoTurb® 700 IQ F Turbidity sensor with 10 m fixed cable and ultrasonic cleaning 600007
DIQ Modules
DIQ/JB Dual IQ/Junction Box to connect a second or remote IQ sensor in the system 281 472005
DIQ/CHV Dual IQ/Cleaning Head Valve, for the automatic relay-controlled compressed air cleaning in the system 281 472007


Cover English Product Flyer of WTW's IQ SENSOR NET System 281 Download product flyer of the new IQ Sensor Net System 281 as PDF
(999148US, English, approx. 600 KB)

Download data sheet D1.09 about System 281 as PDF 
(999251US, English, approx. 100 KB)

Product Page

Screenshot English Product Page of WTW's Monitor DIQ/S 281Read more about the details of the DIQ/S 281 and its variants at the product detail page

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