• 22.10.2021
  • WTW, Process Segment

New ORP electrode SensoLyt® PtFA

New ORP electrode SensoLyt<sup>®</sup> PtFA

Our new ORP electrode SensoLyt® PtFA consists of a PTFE ring diaphragm and can be installed in the existing SensoLyt® armature of the IQ Sensor Net.


Non-typical municipal wastewater

Industrial wastewater



SensoLyt® PtFA ORP combination electrode especially suited for industrial or not typical municipal wastewater, for installation in SensoLyt® sensors. With watertight S7 plug head (IP 67); measuring range -2000 … +2000 mV 109126



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Comparison of ORP electrodes

SensoLyt® PtA NEW: SensoLyt® PtFA
2-hole junction PTFE ring junction
Municipal waste water Industrial, not typical municipal wastewater


Download the product flyer of the SensoLyt® 700 IQ as a PDF
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Download data sheet D3.04 of the SensoLyt® electrodes as a pDF
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