• 19.11.2019
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Not only fish like swimming

Not only fish like swimming

The portable colorimeter photoFlex® pH to monitor swimming pools and aquaculture - Promotion until December 31st, 2019

At this year’s Aquanale and Aquaculture Europe pHotoFlex®pH with it’s benefits and multiple parameters once again was rated spectacular:

  • pH, Redox und chlorine determination to perfectly surveil the desinfection state in swimming pools
  • pH, free ammonia and CO2 – to monitor water of fish ponds and loop systems in aquaculture
  • 150 programs for standard parameters
  • Optional: photoFlex® Turb for additional turbidity measurement


Due to the combination of temperature compensated pH measurement together with photometric test kits of Ammonia the important “fish poison” free ammonia NH3 can be tested.Additionally many relevant parameters of analytical method data for commercial test kits are programmed, which are dangerous particularly for fish farming, such as: Nitrogene and related compounds and other eutrophication parameters.

Swimming pools

What pH-dependent free ammonia measurement means to aquaculture, is the temperature-compensated ORP = redox measurement with an electrochemical redox sensor for swimming pool monitoring and maintenance: The redox value, together with the photometric measurement of total and bound chlorine can be determined directly at the pool site to state and document the disinfection quality of pool water. Particularly for health administration and inspection authorities, photoFlex® pH offers also a wide range of test kits with lot certificates and other AQA functions  to ensure the fulfillment of hygienic regulations.


pHotoFlex® pH-Set AQUA
pHotoFlex® pH field case at price of standalone instrument

Promo no.:    199324
Promo Price: 1850,- €


Our current special packages for your needs

  • pHotoFlex® pH – Colorimeter with full pH measurement functionality in field case
  • Multi 3510 – Portable D.O. field set
  • IQ Sensor Net System 181 with D.O sensor FDO® IQ F (freshwater)

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