• 20.03.2020
  • WTW, Process Segment

Optimize your Ammonium Monitoring

Optimize your Ammonium Monitoring

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Alyza IQ: The Simple choice for NH4 Analyzers

High reagent consumption and maintenance effort is commonly associated with wet-chemical analyzers. WTW Alyza IQ NH4 provides accurate ammonium measurements at low concentrations with a revolutionary technology that significantly reduces chemical use and manual intervention. Ease of use is ensured by features like on-board diagnostics, automatic calibration and automatic cleaning. This makes the new Alyza IQ NH4 your ideal partner for measuring ammonium in wastewater treatment plant effluent or surface water bodies.


  • Wastewater treatment plant effluent monitoring
  • River monitoring

Your advantages:

  • Minimized reagent consumption and waste
  • Simple Service- Reagent bag design makes replacing reagents easier and safer than ever
  • Reliable results from low to high measuring levels

Additional features at a glance:

  • Indophenol method according to DIN 38 406
  • 2-point calibration
  • Compatible with IQ Sensor Net
  • On-site installation
  • One instrument for up to two sample streams – with separate overflow vessels reducing cross contamination
  • Easy and safe reagent replacement with no-drip reagent pouches
  • Optimized user interface and self-diagnostics


Want to learn more about the new Alyza IQ NH4?

screenshot of Alyza IQ NH4 product pageRead more about the details of the Alyza IQ NH4 and its variants at the product detail page. 

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Learn more about the unique technology at our overview page about the Alyza IQ Series – you will find the Product Brochure for download there

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