• 10.10.2022
  • Xylem Analytics / Process segment

Planning aids for plant constructors and engineering offices

Planning aids for plant constructors and engineering offices

The requirements from the wastewater market for plant constructor and engineering offices are diverse and complex. The task is often to offer technically sophisticated solutions with low time expenditure and cost-effective implementation. 
We would like to support you in this and draw your attention to our new website "Planning aids for plant constructors and engineering offices".

The site contains selection aids for sensors and systems, technical data, informations on installation and digital communication, planning tools and other documents.

Time saving for us - time saving for our customers

This website primarily serves as an aid by providing various aids, documents and contact data for our IQ SENSOR NET analysis measuring system at a glance.
In this way, we save you and our customers a long search and enable an equally fast product selection with reduced research effort.

"A well-structured and useful tool to help customers find the right sensors, cables, systems, installations and other information they need."

"Thanks! Very helpful site!"

Benefits of the page: 

  • All technical data in one document avoids long searches
  • Tabular overviews enable a quick product selection and reduce the efforts of research
  • Tool for automatic calculation of power consumption (number of supply modules) saves time and guarantees functionality for the customer
  • All tender texts in one folder avoid time-consuming searches
  • CAD and 3D drawings for visualization allow for better understanding during planning and at the customer's site

Visit the website

All informations & resources can be found here.