• 30.06.2023
  • Bellingham + Stanley | Xylem Lab Solutions

Polarimeter tubes supplied with silica windows as standard

Polarimeter tubes supplied with silica windows as standard

All polarimeter tubes manufactured by Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, are now supplied with silica windows as standard, making them ideal for use in polarimeters operating with UV, Vis or NIR light sources.

Traditionally, our polarimeter tubes have been supplied with glass windows for use with any make or type of polarimeter such as the ADP450 (589 nm) polarimeter with XPC Technology or ADS435 (850 nm) saccharimeter operating in the visible or near infrared spectrums.

However, following the introduction of the multiple wavelength ADP600 Series polarimeters that offer measurement with ultra-violet wavelengths, the need for UV pass windows has become commonplace, especially within the pharmaceutical industry.
Standardising on a UV/Vis/NIR pass polarimeter tube windows offers customers a low-cost alternative when compared to purchasing special windows for use in the ultra-violet region as well as simplifying the process for choosing, ordering and handling polarimeter tubes.

Polarimeter Tubes with Silica Windows

  • Standard glass polarimeter tubes with polyacetal ends for general use
  • Glass polarimeter tubes with replaceable seals and metal end cap for harsh samples
  • PEEK/glass polarimeter tubes with replaceable seals for samples containing Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
  • Low volume polarimeter tubes for precious or rare samples
  • XPC stainless steel polarimeter tubes for use with polarimeters having XPC Technology
  • XPC funnel flow-through polarimeter tubes for sugar analysis

Polarimeter Tube Spare Windows

In support of supplying all new polarimeter tubes with silica windows, all windows ordered as spare parts are now made with silica.

Polarimeter Tube Window Diameter Pack Size Code
Glass tubes with plastic, metal or PEEK end tubes 15 mm 12 35-60
XPC stainless steel tubes including funnel flow 10 mm 6 37-540
Low Volume stainless steel tubes 20 mm 6 35-80

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XPC Technology is Xylem’s patented Peltier temperature control system.