• 02.11.2021
  • WTW, Process Segment

Reduction of plastic - IQ SENSOR NET repackaged

Reduction of plastic - IQ SENSOR NET repackaged

Avoiding plastic and packaging waste has become an everyday topic. Xylem Analytics Germany is also rising to this challenge and taking an important step with IQ SENSOR NET.

Sustainability at Xylem

The negative effects of plastic on the environment and the human organism are well known and receive a lot of attention both in research and in public perception. Whether it's recyclable packaging, an EU-wide ban on plastic drinking straws and disposable tableware, or the removal of micro plastics from water bodies - the topics surrounding the issue are many and varied.

Xylem has also set itself the goal of reducing waste as part of its sustainability program:

"Reducing waste across Xylem operations including hazardous and non-hazardous waste, advancing the responsible consumption of materials through sustainable packaging and recycling."

Source: Xylem Sustainability Report 2020 

IQ SENSOR NET repackaged

Papierpolster statt Luftpolsterfolie etc. IQ SENSOR NET products have always been packed in cardboard boxes and paper (e.g. paper padding strands instead of bubble wrap etc.). The sensor packaging in particular contains almost no plastic. Now the consumption of plastic and welded packaging has also been significantly reduced for the controllers and modules.


vorherige Verpackung der WTW IQ SENSOR NET Kleinteile Up to now, small parts such as PG glands, o-rings or screws were sorted into several plastic bags and then combined into one larger plastic bag.


Nachher: Verpackung der  IQ SENSOR NET Kleinteile von WTW mit deutlich weniger PlastikRecently, all small parts have been grouped together in a single plastic bag.


  • Almost 17,000 plastic bags less per year
  • Almost 900 m less tabular film

Next step

We want to further reduce the plastic bags we are using and want to switch to paper or other recyclable packaging in future.