Sample-ID quick and easy assigned

  • 14.10.2021
  • Xylem Analytics

Sample-ID quick and easy assigned

Sample-ID quick and easy assigned
Measurement with Turb® 750, Turb® 430 und photoFlex® Series + MultiLab-Importer V 1.25

The software tool MultiLab-Importer by Xylem Analytics supporting WTW® lab and field instruments offers smart options for data transfer directly into Excel. The MultiLab-Importer can be installed as Excel ADD-IN, provided in 32 and 64 Bit Version as cost-free download.

Download link DE V1.25 Multilab Importer 32 BIT
Download link DE V1.25 Multilab Importer 64 BIT

For the optical instrument series of the turbidimeter and portable colorimeters Turb® 750, Turb® 430 und photoFlex® the measurement data of samples with barcoded ID can be sent via PC-connected barcode reader directly into the open table of the new version 1.25 of MultiLab-Importer for Excel. This is an important topic for big service labs, industrial batch control for QC of products and income control of supplied goods.

All you need is the instrument and a barcode reader, both connected to PC/Laptop, and the respective barcoded samples. The samples will be first scanned, measured and depending on instrument, the values either are transferred into Excel directly or – for portable meters today –sent by pressing the PRT-key.

How it works with Turb® 750 Series

Turb® 750 has been equipped since software Version 2.66 with an AUTO-PRINT function and thus can send measured data directly into an open table of Excel, when the MultiLab-Importer from Xylem Analytics is installed and activated as Excel ADD IN.

Download Link zu Update V2.66 Turb 750 IR/T EN

To transfer the data to PC, Turb® 750 IR/T must be connected to PC with the supplied USB-cable. To transfer barcoded sample-ID, a barcode reader must be connected to PC accordingly. If barcode with sample-ID is not applied only to vessels but also to vials: The barcode is best applied on top of the lid. This avoids dirt or glue on the vial itself as well as negative effects for results if positioned wrongly.

For measurement of a barcoded sample, the barcode will be scanned with the PC-connected barcode reader, followed by starting the measurement with the START/ENTER key. The value appears on the display and is sent together with the scanned sample-ID automatically to the open MultiLab-Importer table in Excel.

This table can be stored, printed, signed or transferred to a LIMS system.

By-the-by, measurement values can be sent alternatively in the same way to company-specific LIMS systems, which is a preferred solution for bigger corporations. This is mostly managed by the company’s software department themselves. All relevant information can be found in the operations manual of the instruments.

More informationen in our another News: "Alphanumeric Sample-ID with Turb® 750 Series Update V2.66"