• 16.12.2021
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Simplify the water determination for your samples

Simplify the water determination for your samples

The new dimension in water determination allows you to analyse a wide range of samples

The new Headspace oven and sample changer for coulometric KF titration are the ideal tools for coulometric Karl Fischer titration. The headspace oven technique allows the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and pasty samples.

The headspace oven technique is suitable for the following samples:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Natural products
  • Plastics
  • Hygroscopic substances
  • Freeze-dried products, e.g. lyophilisates
  • Oils and lubricants, creams, pastes
  • Viscous materials (bitumen, tar, sewage sludge)
  • Powder and pellets
  • Food
  • Petrochemicals

Carrying out the water determination

The sample is weighed in a small glass vessel with lid and septum (vial) and heated in the oven to a defined temperature. A dry air or nitrogen stream flows over a needle through the sample and takes the water with it in a gaseous state. The air or nitrogen together with the water vapour is passed into the titration vessel and the water is immediately titrated coulometrically with the TitroLine 7500 KF trace.

Do you only measure a few samples a day?

If you only measure a few samples a day, the semi-automatic headspace oven TO 7280 is the right choice for you. The semi-automatic measurement starts after the sample is inserted! This base can be upgraded to a fully automatic system at any time and with complete flexibility.

Do you measure more than 15 - 20 samples a day?

If the number of samples exceeds 15 - 20/day, we recommended using the sample changer TW 7650. In just one minute you can expand the system with the sample changer and the fully automatic measurement can start. This allows you to measure up to 49 samples automatically.

Place the sample vials in the changer and start the method/work list with the TitriSoft software. Subsequently, the sample collection, heating, titration and sample return runs fully automated. Measure each sample position with an individual temperature (from 40 to 280°C).

Fully automatic control of the measuring cycle with titration software

Control the entire measuring cycle automatically and conveniently via the TitriSoft 3.5 titration software. The pharmaceutical-compliant version of the TitriSoft software (version 3.5 P) guarantees you safe working in a regulated environment.

Please note that TitriSoft (or its pharmaceutically compliant version TitriSoft 3.5 P) software is required to operate the TW 7650 sample changer. All parameters of the oven and of the TitroLine 7500 KF trace can be entered via the software and results will be stored in the database. TitriSoft can also simplify the operation of the TO 7280 headspace oven and other SI Analytics titrators.

Your advantages for everyday laboratory work:

  • All sample types determinable - especially for difficult substances
  • Efficient & fast sample preparation
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic water determination
  • No contamination of solvent, anolyte, generator and indicator electrode
  • Automated sample measurement of up to 49 samples in succession with individual treatment (start drift, temperature)
  • Flexible system - can be upgraded at any time & expanded for new requirements
  • GxP-compliant operation with TitriSoft titration software

Video: The new dimension in water determination simplifies your laboratory workflows!

The determination of water for quality assurance of a sample

The determination of the water content is of great importance in quality assurance. The water content reduces the lubricating properties of oils and causes corrosion damage to components. In the case of medicinal substances, the water content has an effect on their stability. Karl Fischer Titration (KF Titration) is a highly selective and fast method of water determination for almost all types of samples. More information on water determination with Karl Fischer titrators can be found on our overview page.


Water determination in all types of samples

The headspace oven technique allows the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and pasty samples.