• IQ-Feststoffsensor - WTW
  • IQ-Feststoffsensor - WTW

IQ suspended solids sensor - WTW

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  • Description

    Digital suspended solids sensor with ultrasonic cleaning, connectable to the IQ SENSOR NET

    ViSolid®: Optical sensors for the in-situ use to measure suspended solids via scattered light and direct back-scattering with ultrasonic cleaning system:

    • Ultrasonic cleaning without mechanics
    • Extremely low-maintenance
    • Highly accurate factory calibration
    • High operational safety (sensor check function)

    The ultrasonic cleaning system ensures the low-maintenance and continuously reliable measuring operation of the sensors, which are therefore very suited for extreme applications, such as wastewater treatment plants.

    With higher particle concentrations, the procedures of turbidity measurement are only suitable in some cases; here, you will need special measuring techniques to determine the concentration. WTW uses two procedures, which are used depending on the suspended solids concentration: With low concentrations, a scattered light measurement is used; for higher concentrations, the direct back-scattering yields optimal results.

    The sea water model includes the sensor for use in special media: All wetted parts are made of titanium and plastic and are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion.

  • Specifications


    ViSolid® 700 IQ

    ViSolid® 700 IQ SW*

    Order No.



    * SW: Sensor as sea water model (with plastic arming (POM))

    Measuring method

    Procedure for measuring scattered light

    Measuring range

    g/l SiO2
    % SiO2

    0 ... 300 g/l SiO2
    0 … 30% SiO2

    g/l TSS
    % TSS

    0 ... 1000 g/l TSS
    0 … 100% TSS


    g/l SiO2
    % SiO2

    Automatic according to measuring range 0.1 mg/l ... 1 g/l
    Automatic according to measuring range 0.001 % ... 0.01 %

    g/l TSS
    % TSS

    Automatic according to measuring range 0.1 mg/l ... 1 g/l
    Automatic according to measuring range 0.001 % ... 0.1 %


    Typical sludge characteristics stored: matrix type 1, matrix type 2
    Calibration by user: adjustment via correction factor, 1-point or multi-point calibration possible

    Cleaning System

    Ultrasound cleaning system


    Contamination detection of optical window; failure of cleaning system

    Pressure Resistance

    10 bar (incl. sensor connection cable)

    Ambient Conditions

    Operating temperature: 32 ... 140 °F (0 ... 60 °C);
    ultrasonic cleaning system: 32 ... 104 °F (0 ... 40 °C) (overheating protection);
    Storage temperature: 23 ... 149 °F (-5 ... +65 °C)

    Electrical connections

    2-wire shield cable with quick fastener to sensor



    EN 61326, Class B, FCC Class A;
    Intended for indispensable operation




    Measuring window: Sapphire;
    Sensor body: V4A stainless steel 1.4571;
    Sensor head: V4A stainless steel 1.4571;
    Protection rating: IP 68

    Measuring window: Sapphire;
    Sensor-body: Titanium, POM
    Sensor head: Titanium;
    Protection rating: IP 68

    Weight (without cable)

    Approx. 2.18 lb (900 g)

    Approx. 3.13 lb (1420 g)


    2 years for defects in quality