Flow-through Vessels

Flow-through Vessels

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  • Description

    Für Spektralsensoren des IQ SENSOR NET von WTW, kleine analoge Sensoren (pH/Redox, LF, Temp.) und 40 mm Sensoren

    Flow-thru vessels for measurements in the bypass for spectral sensors, small and large sensors

    Flow-through cell for spectral sensors
    VIS FT-1: for spectral sensors, incl. compressed air cleaning

    Flow-through vessel for samll sensors
    D 530: for pH (12 mm), TFK and LR 325/925
    D 300/pH: for pH/ORP (7-13 mm) and temperature (3-7 mm)

    Flow-through vessel for large sensors
    D 702/N: for TriOxmatic® 702 (IQ)
    DMS/N: for 4 x 40 mm sensors

    Flow-trough vessel for differnent sensor sizes
    D 700/N: 1 x 40 mm, pH/ORP (7-13 mm), Cond (9-17 mm), T (3-7 mm)

    NOTE for DMS/N and D 700/N:
    Please order suitable sensor fadapter (ADA-XX) separately (see selection table below).

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