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ScienceLine Plus pH electrode, Sphere, SI Analytics

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  • Description

    ScienceLine Plus - Precision in every application

    In very demanding cases, off-the-shelf pH electrodes are just not quite good enough for certain samples or measurement conditions.  These instances include (but are not limited to) measuring the pH of highly alkaline samples, samples containing sulphides or proteins and, for practical purposes, measuring the pH of a small sample quantity when in a small or deep vessel such as an NMR tube.

    Our ScienceLine Plus range of pH electrodes meets the needs of these challenging conditions.

    • Variety of electrode membrane head shapes (sphere, micro, spear) for optimum sample contact
    • Choice of glass type, length, diameter and connection to suit the application
    • Silamid® reference system with silver ion barrier and double-electrolyte for faster, more stable results and a longer electrode lifespan

    ScienceLine Plus pH electrodes – sphere head type

    ScienceLine Plus pH electrodes with a sphere head are the most commonly used as they present the largest surface area for improved membrane wettability in regard of the sample under test.

    ScienceLine Plus sphere pH electrodes are available with two different glass types:

    • A-glass for standard samples
    • H-glass for strongly alkaline samples.

    The basic sphere head ScienceLine Plus pH electrodes without temperature compensation are fitted with a convenient socket at the non-measuring end so that any connecting lead may be chosen for fitment to all kinds of meters, no matter what the make.

    Additional sphere head ScienceLine PLUS pH electrodes feature a 170mm shaft length, built in temperature measurement, automatic temperature compensation, a fixed 3 metre cable and a choice of connector type (DIN/BNC + banana plug, IDS digital connector).

    IDS Digital for extra traceability

    IDS digital electrodes facilitate connection to IDS compatible meters or digital gateway such as the IDS Gate.  IDS electrodes provide enhanced handling of measurement data within the electrode itself prior to an encrypted, digital transmission of all meta-data being made to the company server, making these devices ideal for use in strictly regulated laboratories such as those operating under GLP or FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

    Each electrode has an individual serial number whilst pH & metal combination electrodes are supplied with an additional quality certificate making for improved traceability through audit trails and associated documentation.

    What makes ScienceLine Plus better than ordinary pH electrodes?

    Unlike many pH electrodes that use chlorinated silver wire to form a silver/silver chlorine reference system (diaphragm) that degrades over time when in contact with certain sample types, all ScienceLine Plus series electrodes employ a Silamid® double reference with silver-ion trap that facilitates universal use, even in protein or sulphide containing samples.  The diaphragm itself is a maintenance free encapsulated gel system, and the silver coating of the inner tube has significantly larger (5x) silver surface compared to the silver wire system making for a faster, more stable and longer. The outer bridge electrolyte consists of the proven 3 mol/l KCl, which may also be replaced by other bridge electrolytes if need be.

    Choose the optimum pH electrode for your regular and demanding samples

    ScienceLine Plus pH electrodes not only guarantee high measurement accuracy, stability and long service life, they also offer adaptability to the measuring task.  This makes ScienceLine Plus pH electrodes the first choice for scientists and laboratory technicians wishing to operate at the highest level under challenging conditions in research, product development, manufacturing and within general quality control laboratories.

  • Specifications

    Specifications - Sphere Head ScienceLine PLUS electrodes

    Order no. (SKU) 285101300 285101305 285101315 285101320 285101325
    Range (pH) 0-14 0-14 0-14 0-14 0-14
    Length (mm) 120 170 170 170 170
    Diameter (mm) 12 12 12 12 12
    Junction Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum
    Electrolyte  KCl 3mol/l KCl 3mol/l KCl 3mol/l KCl 3mol/l KCl 3mol/l
    Shaft Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass
    Glass Type A H A A H
    Sensor function pH pH pH + temperature pH + temperature pH + temperature
    Temperature range -5 to 100°C -5 to 100°C -5 to 100°C -5 to 100°C -5 to 100°C
    Temperature sensor NOT NOT Pt 1000 Pt 1000 Pt 1000
    Connection Plug head Plug head BNC + banana plug DIN + banana plug DIN + banana plug
    Reference Silamid® reference system with silver ion barrier and double-electrolyte
    Cable NOT NOT Fixed - 3 metres Fixed - 3 metres Fixed - 3 metres
    Analogue/Digital Analogue Analogue Analogue Analogue Analogue

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