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  • 2/20/2024
  • Stefan Kaus

Maintenance and care of titration electrodes

The maintenance and care of titration electrodes includes proper storage, refilling with the correct electrolyte and, if necessary, cleaning the electrode.more

  • 2/9/2024
  • Sara Homuth

Ace in the hole: Xylem's new Drinking Water Panel delivers on both looks and functionality

In this blog post, you can find out more about the new WTW Drinking Water Panel, which impresses with its modern design and sophisticated functionality.more

  • 2/2/2024
  • Dr. Lisa Wild

Efficient water management through reliability and quality: The WTW Drinking Water Panel with IQ Sensor Net

Dive into the future of water management! Learn how the WTW Drinking Water Panel and IQ SENSOR NET will revolutionize your water monitoring with accurate measurements, streamlined installation and unmatched reliability.more

  • 10/2/2023
  • Dr. Andreas Eich

Use of Ubbelohde Master viscometers as a national standard in metrological institutes

National metrological institutes are responsible for the dissemination of the units of physical quantities. Known are especially the quantities mass, length and time: e.g. there are four atomic clocks in operation in Germany, at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Brunswick (PTB), which provides the time standard for legal time in Germany. more

  • 8/31/2023
  • Stefan Kaus

Which electrodes can still be used for titration?

In addition to pH titration, there are a number of other types of titration, such as redox, precipitation and complexometric titration, as well as titrations with polarizable electrodes ("Dead-Stop titrations").more