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  • 4/3/2024
  • Xylem Lab Solutions

Whitepaper: Selective and rapid water determination in Cannabis (PDF)

The determination of the water content in cannabis is of great importance for the qualitative assessment of the active components (THC, CBD) as well as its storage stability. Karl Fischer titration offers a selective and reliable alternative.more

  • 3/25/2024
  • Xylem Lab Solutions

Titration Handbook: A guide with helpful practical tips (PDF)

On 192 pages it offers a compact introduction to the theory and practice of titration. The Titration handbook combines application information with the practical laboratory experience of our titration experts. This guide requires chemical knowledge, e.g. the reading of reaction equations, knowledge of important technical terms, basic knowledge of working in the chemical laboratory, as well as the handling of devices such as scales, burettes, pipettes, electrodes and the safety regulations in the laboratory.more

  • 2/27/2024
  • Xylem Lab Solutions

ISE Handbook: Theory of metrology and tips for practical use (PDF)

Ion-selective measurement is an analytical method that frequently offers advantages over other methods. Find out more information in our handbookmore

  • 2/20/2024
  • Stefan Kaus

Maintenance and care of titration electrodes

The maintenance and care of titration electrodes includes proper storage, refilling with the correct electrolyte and, if necessary, cleaning the electrode.more

  • 2/7/2024
  • Xylem Lab Solutions

Oxygen Handbook: Theory and Practice tipps (PDF)

This handbook wants to give some understanding of the measurement technology by practical tips, support users and allow interested people learning about the principles of measurement.more