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Clean water and a safe working environment thanks to the new WTW drinking water measuring system

Clean water is essential to our health. But have you ever thought about the importance of workplace safety in your daily work at the waterworks? The new drinking water measuring system from WTW combines both in an innovative way. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of good water quality and the smart features of the system that ensure safety in the workplace.

Prioritizing health and work safety with the innovative drinking water panel from Xylem AnalyticsWater is essential to life. Not only does it keep us hydrated, but it also plays a vital role in our health. Good water quality is therefore essential to ensure that we get clean water from our taps. But what does this have to do with workplace safety?

Well, there are many aspects to consider when distributing drinking water to ensure both the health of consumers and safety in the workplace. This is where the new Xylem Analytics measurement panel comes in.

The importance of good water quality

Eine hohe Wasserqualität durch unsere Trinkwassertafel

Good water quality is critical to our health. After all, we use water not only for drinking, but also for cooking, washing, and many other daily activities. Poor water quality can lead to health problems such as gastrointestinal illness or skin irritation.

It is therefore essential that drinking water is clean and free from contamination. The new Drinking Water Monitoring Panel ensures that water quality is continuously monitored to ensure a safe supply.

We offer more than just measurements 

Xylem Analytics has developed a drinking water measurement system that goes beyond traditional measurements. It not only provides accurate information about the condition of the water, but also helps improve workplace safety. Through intelligent features and design, the system ensures that both consumers and employees are protected. 


No tangled cables thanks to clever cable slots

No tangled cables thanks to clever cable slots

A common problem in many working environments is tangled cables, which not only look unsightly but can also be a tripping hazard. The drinking water measuring system solves this problem in a clever way. With integrated cable slots on the panel, the cables are routed neatly and safely to the rear without creating a mess. This not only minimizes the risk of falls and injuries, but also ensures a tidy working environment.

Safety first - secure wall mounting of the panel

Especially in times of skilled labor shortages, it is critical to protect existing employees and optimize their working conditions.

Das System ermöglicht es den Mitarbeitern, ihre Aufgaben effizient und sicher auszuführen, ohne sich um potenzielle Gefahren sorgen zu müssen
Another component in ensuring health and safety is the secure mounting of the board. The board is quickly and securely mounted to the wall with only four drill holes, reducing the risk of accidents during installation. The four holes are enough to ensure that the board stays in place and does not fall off, which could be another accident hazard.  

The system allows workers to do their jobs efficiently and safely without worrying about potential hazards. After all, failures in this industry can have serious consequences, as these employees have the important task of ensuring and monitoring good water quality.

Health and work safety go hand in hand

WTW's new drinking water panel demonstrates how health and safety go hand in hand. Good water quality is essential for distributing clean water into the drinking water network and protecting the health of consumers. At the same time, the system helps minimize tripping hazards and accident risks with clever features such as cable slots and secure wall mounting. As a result, both employees and consumers can be assured of a reliable and safe drinking water system.

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