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  • 3/13/2024
  • Dr. Patrick Wolf

Continuous measurement of the pH value in drinking water - using little with intelligent sensors

Low consumption with continuous measurement - the technologies from IDS and IQ Sensor Net make it possible. Combined with other parameters, you can reliably monitor your drinking water quality.more

  • 2/28/2024
  • Sara Homuth

Clean water and a safe working environment thanks to the new WTW drinking water measuring system

Clean water is essential to our health. But have you ever thought about the importance of workplace safety in your daily work at the waterworks? The new drinking water measuring system from WTW combines both in an innovative way. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of good water quality and the smart features of the system that ensure safety in the workplace.more

  • 11/23/2022
  • Dr. Lisa Wild

How to choose the right oxygen sensor for DO measurement in liquid media

In this article, we will tell you something about the parameter dissolved oxygen in general and the different measuring methods. After reading this you will be able to choose the right sensor for your application.more

  • 5/29/2022
  • Dr. Patrick Wolf

Drinking water: Monitoring the most important parameters with devices from Xylem Analytics Germany

According to the European directive 98/83/EC from 1998, drinking water is "all water either in its original state or after treatment, intended for drinking, cooking, food preparation […]" (Article 2, 1., (a)). This results in high demands on the quality of drinking water, for the monitoring of which numerous devices from our company are available.more

  • 9/16/2020
  • Michael Holeczek

CE product marking

Meaning and recognition of the CE markmore