• 18.11.2019
  • WTW, Lab Segment

New: OxiTop®-IDS – more than BOD

New: OxiTop®-IDS – more than BOD

The new OxiTop®-IDS: versatile, easy-to-use with state-of-the-art data transfer to spreadsheet programs. For programming and data transfer it uses the proven Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS using an IDS meter module IDS WLM-M with Bluetooth® LE communication.

  • Easy programming with up-to-date menu guidance
  • Each meter supports up to 100 measurement heads
  • Routine for BOD Standard measurement with defined sample volumes and result  averaging
  • BSB Special: freely programmable sample volumes, vessel volumes, dilution factors, freely selectable temperature for specific degradation tests and for BOD measurement  up to 400,000 mg/l
  • Recording of over and under pressure in pressure mode p
  • Measurement period selectable between 0,5 h and 180 days
  • Up to 360 data points per measurement
  • Output of data including sample parameter in the csv format
  • Graphic display for measurement values and curve at the head
  • Control LED for visual sample operation monitoring
  • Specific adjustment of ID numbers between 000 and 999 for easy identification
  • OxiTop®-IDS/B heads for biogas measurement with an absolute pressure range from 500 to 1500 hPa and corrosion proof pressure sensor
  • All OxiTop®-IDS heads are capable for easy BOD measurement between 1 and 7 days even without meter

OxiTop®-IDS allows an easy and secure assignment of measuring heads to their specific task. Up to twelve sets can be defined, which can contain up to twelve samples. To each sample up to twelve measuring heads can be assigned (except pressure mode p, where each sample can be allocated to only one head). This results in a clearly arranged and distinct sample administration.

After finishing the measurement data can be transferred directly from the meter to an USB memory stick or soon also in an enhanced version of the MultiLab® Importer. A new possibility is the pre-programming of the heads before sample preparation and after finishing starting the complete set by one button press. If desired for each set and each sample an 8 digit alpha numerical code can be assigned providing a clear arrangement.


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