• 18.07.2022
  • WTW I Lab Segment

New Software-Update V2.68 for turbidimeters of the Turb® 430 Series

 New Software-Update V2.68 for turbidimeters of the Turb® 430 Series

This actualized software package including can be used with the turbidimeters Turb 430® IR and Turb® 430 T

  • Instrument firmware V 2.68

Attention: the instrument calibration for turbidity will be lost during update!

Informationen mit einfarbiger Füllung

Due to the enhancement of functionality for calibration and calibration protocol the calibration structure of today cannot be kept. Therefore, a re-calibration after the software update of the instruments is required.

 New functions and enhancements

  • Enhanced calibration for turbidity with QuickCAL and user-defined 1-5-point calibration (FreeCAL)
  • AutoPrint has been implemented for direct data output of turbidity readings: all values will automatically be sent to the Interface and thus to MultiLab-Importer, connected printers as well as open user-specific terminal- or LIMS-programs.
  • Enhanced communication options for increased data safety by alphanumeric ID via PC support of Multilab-Importer or user-specific LIMS and terminal programs with optional use of barcode reader.
  • RS232-output ASCII und CSV for calibration extended
  • Settings for turbidity calibration in an individual subdirectory
  • Calibration protocol with implementation of new CAL types and standards
  • Selected calibration setting is displayed on screen

    Here you can download the software!

By means of the enhanced communication options and additional option for more data safety an extended alphanumeric sample ID is now given also for the portable instruments. A higher level of AQA, user administration and data management is given with the lab instruments of the turbidimeters Turb® 750 IR and Turb® T.