WTW New functions for turbidity measurement with pHotoFlex® Turb

  • 12.09.2023
  • Xylem Analytics I pHotoFlex® Turb

New functions for turbidity measurement with pHotoFlex® Turb

New functions for turbidity measurement with pHotoFlex® Turb

Even more options and optimization for the pHotoFlex® series:
The new software package V2.82/2.11 for the colorimeters!

A new software update V2.82/2.11 is available for the field colorimeters of the pHotoFlex® series: They can be found on the product pages in the download/software section of pHotoFlex® STD, pHotoFlex® pH und pHotoFlex® Turb.

Always update your systems to secure access to new functions and improvements as well as optimized and corrected calibration curves as well as bug fixes!

Enhancements in brief

  • New calibration curve for chlorine liquid test (Models 00086-00088, Art.nr. 252077-252079)
  • New calibration option "PharmaCal" in accordance with Pharmacopoeia (photoFlex® Turb)
  • Lot number entry for turbidity standards (photoFlex® Turb)
  • Intelligent Reproducibility- and Plausibility-Check displayed (photoFlex® Turb)
  • 1- to 5-point calibriation (photoFlex® Turb)
  • EBC units acc. to European Brewery Convention (photoFlex® Turb)
  • AutoPrint for quick data output to PC
  • Chinese language

Enhancements in Detail

Method optimization for chloride liquid tests 

Changing the calibration curve from the wavelength 557nm to 517nm optimizes the measurement of the chlorine liquid tests (models 00086-00088, order no. 252077-252079) significantly considering the metrologically demanding parameter chlorine. This is particularly noticeable for measurements of the time-critical chlorine standard potassium iodate according to DIN 7393-2, but also for all samples of the highly reactive parameter chlorine.

The chlorine liquid tests are the perfect match for monitoring of swimming pools with pHotoFlex®, since the reagents are less affected by ambient humidity and they support AQA due to their lot certificates. Additionally, pHotoFlex® pH / pHotoFlex® Turb offer a full functional pH and ORP measurement with the one and same instrument for reference and control measurement of online equipment.


Our Tip:
Make sure to work promptly and quickly, especially with the standard according to DIN ISO: This approach is necessary to avoid lower results due to rapid substance turnover in the standard! The standards Dichloroisocyanuric acid for free chlorine and Chloramine T for Total Chlorine, which are also commonly used, are more stable with respect to the turnover of substances and are therefore less time-critical and less sensitive to lower findings.

New functions for turbidity measurement with pHotoFlex® Turb from drinking water to pharma, food and petrochemistry! 

Our „Swiss army knife“ photoFlex® Turb combines 4 separate systems in one multi parameter instrument: In addition to photometric measurement, it offers comprehensive pH and ORP measurement with temperature compensation and complete and precise turbidity measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7027-1 from 0-1100 NTU.

  • With "PharmaCal", a new calibration option is available in accordance with the specifications of the Pharmacopoeia.
  • AQA-Support through lot number entry for turbidity standards.
  • The well-proven measuring method Intelligent Reproducibility- and Plausibility-Check is displayed as. 
  • In addition to the 3-point calibration, a user defined 1- to 5-point calibration with commercial and user-defined turbidity standards is possible.
  • Data output in EBC units according to the European Brewery Convention.

Data communication for every need

enables the direct output for photometric measurements of absorbance, transmission, concentration as well as turbidity: All values are automatically sent to the interface for transfer to the connected programs such as the WTW® costfree MultiLab Importer or terminal and LIMS programs
In addition, data can be stored directly on the device via the STO key (Storage/Save) and a direct output via the PRT key for Print. 

New language Chinese

You can find the photoFlex® update here.

photoFlex® STD

photoFlex® pH

photoFlex® Turb