Quality products for titration with new products and updated titration software on 108 pages

The new titration catalogue from Xylem Analytics contains all components for manual or automated titration in the laboratory environment. Learn more about all products for your use in the laboratory - titrators, burettes, sample changers, the appropriate software and the corresponding titration electrodes and all accessories around titration.

The catalog is divided into the following sections:

A new titration solution is the new Headspace oven with a sample changer for coulometric KF titration. This is the ideal tool for coulometric Karl Fischer titration. The headspace oven technique allows the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and pasty samples.

If you need more information, the blog articles on the titration handbookaccurate titration using a concrete application example and the FAQ on titration will certainly be very helpful for you.

Practical selection tools and overviews for titration

Selection table TITRONIC® Burettes and TitroLine® Titrators

Selection table TITRONIC® Burettes and TitroLine® Titrators

Here you can see an overview of the most important features of our TitroLine titrators and TITRONIC piston burettes. 

Selection table

Application overview burettes and titrators (examples)

Application overview burettes and titrators (examples)

Our numerous application notes provide you with concrete solutions for titration. Discover the most common applications. 

Application overview

Selection of titration electrodes for the most important applications

Selection of titration electrodes for the most important applications

The right electrode is crucial for the accuracy and reproducibility of the results. Find the right electrode.  

Selection of titration electrodes

Care & maintenance instructions, storage & cleaning of titration electrodes

Care & maintenance instructions, storage & cleaning of titration electrodes

Place importance on the maintenance & care of titration electrodes to optimize their service life. Find here tips & recommendations for cleaning, maintenance, handling & care.  

Tips and recommendations


New Titration Catalog

Now read the titration catalog conveniently on the go. 

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Individual chapters from the new titration catalog:

Kapitel 1 Tirationskatalog SI Analytics - The premier address for titration, title page to page 13 contains: Titrators with innovative features, selection table, TITRONIC® burettes and TitroLine titrators and application overview (examples).

Kapitel 2 Titrationskatalog Titrators without interchangeable attachment and burettes for single applications, page 14-19 contains: TITRONIC® 300 - Manual titration and perfect dosing; Titration with the TitroLine® 5000 and technical data as well as ordering information.

Kapitel 3 Titrationskatalog Titrators with interchangeable attachments for volumetric titration, page 20-25 contains: TITRONIC® 500: Burettes and titrators with interchangeable attachment, TitroLine® 7000: The entry level and versatile applications.

Kapitel 4 Titrationskatalog Titrators for volumetric and Karl Fischer titration, page 26-31 contains: 7750 TitroLine® - One for all, 7800 TitroLine® - The universal titrator with IDS technology and 7800 TitroLine® - Advanced automation and more methods.

Kapitel 5 Titrationskatalog Karl Fischer Titration (volumetric and coulometric), page 32-47 contains: Karl Fischer titration - the method for water determination, TitroLine® 7500 KF and TitroLine® 7500 KF trace - Karl Fischer titration made easy, Automated KF titration of all sample types with headspace furnace and sample changer, TO 7280 headspace furnace for semi-automatic KF titration, TW 7650 sample changer for fully automatic KF titration as well as technical data sheets and ordering information.

Kapitel 6 Titrationskatalog Sample changer for automation of titration, page 48-57 contains: Automation of titration with sample changers, Sample changer TW 7200 - the flexible one, Sample preparation with TITRONIC® 500, TW 7200 and TitriSoft, Selection table for sample plates and titration heads TW 7200, Sample changer TW 7450 - the powerful one, Sample changer TW 7450 - the powerful one and the ordering information.

Kapitel 7 Titrationskatalog Titration software Titrisoft 3.5, page 58-65 contains: TitriSoft - impressively simple and strong in performance, comparison TitriSoft 3.5 and 3.5 P and ordering information.

Kapitel 8 Titrationskatalog
Electrodes for titration, page 66-103 contains: Titration electrodes and accessories, Selection table titration electrodes, Care and maintenance instructions, Storage and cleaning of titration electrodes, IDS electrodes, IDS sensors - Unique and unmistakable, ScienceLine - High-performance laboratory electrodes proven a million times over, ScienceLine pH combination electrodes, ScienceLine pH combination electrodes with temperature sensor, ScienceLine micro combination electrodes, ScienceLine metal combination electrodes, ScienceLine individual electrodes: pH glass and metal electrodes, ScienceLine individual electrodes: Reference electrodes, ScienceLine conductivity cells with fixed cable, ScienceLine sensors for ammonia, sodium, oxygen and ion-selective indicator electrodes, resistance thermometers, ScienceLine plus electrodes - precision in every application, OptiLine 6 - sensors for photometric titrations, buffer and electrolyte solutions, electrode accessories and ordering information.

application example in laborHere you will find the suitable titrator for your application!

The product range extends from the simple TITRONIC® 300 piston burette for simple dosing tasks and manual titration to the TitroLine® 7800 with sample changer for higher sample volumes and the matching TitriSoft software for complex titration tasks.


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