SenTix® Top 940 IDS pH Electrode with Double Reference System and Polymer Electrolyte - WTW

SenTix® Top 940 IDS pH Electrode with Double Reference System and Polymer Electrolyte - WTW

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  • Description

    SenTix® Top 940 IDS pH Electrode

    IDS - Polymer Electrolyte - Double Reference System - Cylinder

    SenTix® Top 940: IDS pH Electrode with Double Reference System and Polymer Electrolyte for pH mneasuring in lab, field and process.


    • PEEK shaft for maximum mechanical and chemical resistance
    • most precise measurements thanks to process-proven membrane glasses and reference system
    • maximum operation life thanks to a reference electrode with finely dispersed KCl solid electrolyte (Duralid®) and a double reference system
    • interference prevention and fail-safe data transmission through signal conversion in the sensor
    • automatic transmission of sensor serial number and calibration record of the sensor increase data integrity
    • comprehensive support for GLP-compliant data acquisition
    • integrated temperature sensor

    The SenTix® Top 940 electrodes are developed for a wide range of applications in the laboratory, field and process from wastewater to emulsions, solutions with proteins, suspensions to purely aqueous samples. This is achieved through the special mechanical and chemical resistance of the PEEK shaft as well as the process-proven components of the measuring and reference electrode.
    The reference electrode has a double junction system with a hole diaphragm and a labyrinth-like reference element. With this design clogging of the diaphragm and poisoning of the reference system are made considerably more difficult. The saturation with finely dispersed KCl of the solid Duralid® reference electrolyte is another reason for the long zero-point stability and the associated long operation life of the SenTix® Top 940 electrodes. The small hole furthermore reduces the loss of KCl through bleeding, for example, and allows a fast response time.

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  • Specifications
    SenTix® Top 940
    Order no. 103744
    Membrane shape Cylindric
    Shaft PEEK shaft / Plastic
    Diaphragm Hole - double reference system
    Temp. sensor NTC 30 kOhm
    Reference electrolyte Duralid®
    Membrane resistance < 400 MΩ
    Measuring range 0 … 14 pH
    Temp. range -5… 100 °C
    Shaft length 120 mm
    Shaft diameter 12 mm
    Connection 1,5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital plug
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