ISE sensor for ammonium - WTW

ISE sensor for ammonium - WTW

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  • Description

    Digital ISE sensor for ammonium, connectable to the IQ SENSOR NET

    Ammonium measurement directly in the medium without sample preparation and sample transfer. Measurement of centrate and other process waters up to 2,000 mg/l NH4-N:

    • Calibration free, long-term stability
    • No chemicals
    • Short response times

    The ISE sensor AmmoLyt®Plus 700 IQ allows ammonium measurement directly in the process. Time-consuming steps such as sampling and preparation are eliminated. For stable measured values, the interference substance potassium is compensated simultaneously and can be displayed if needed. An energy-optimized operation by a suitable regulation of the blower aggregates is made possible by this ISE sensor. This will help effectively reduce operating costs of the system, which is amortized by the system in a very short time. Starting now, you will be able to reliably determine centrate and other process water with high ammonium load up to 2.000 mg/l NH4-N with the AmmoLyt®Plus!

  • Specifications

    Measuring method


    Appropriate Electrode

    Reference electrode VARiON® Ref, Measuring electrode VARiON®Plus NO3, Compensation electrode VARiON®Plus Cl

    Measuring range/Resolution

    NH4-N: 1 ... 2,000 mg/l / 1 mg/l; 0.1 ... 100 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l
    NH4+: 1 ... 2,580 mg/l / 1 mg/l; 0.1 ... 129.0 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l

    Compensation Range

    K+: 0.1 ... 1,000 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l

    Measuring Accuracy in laboratory standard solutions

    ± 5 % of measured value ± 0.2 mg/l in standard solutions

    Calibration Procedures

    Matrix adjustment against any reference value, 2-point-calibration possible with multiple standard solution

    Working Life (typically)

    Reference electrode: 18 months,
    measuring and compensation electrode: 18 months (in typical application - municipal sewage plants)

    Temperature Measurement and Compensation

    Integrated NTC thermistor, 
    Range 32 °F … 104 °F (0 °C … +40 °C), Accuracy ±0.5 K, Resolution 0.1 K, t95 < 20 s

    Pressure Resistance

    Maximum 0.2 bar (incl. SACIQ sensor connection cable, with installed electrodes)

    Ambient Conditions

    Operating temperature: 32 °F … 104 °F (0 °C … +40 °C), storing temperature: 32 °F … 104 °F (0 °C … +40 °C)

    Electrical connections

    2-wire shield cable with quick fastener to sensor

    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    EN 61326, Class B, FCC Class A;
    Intended for indispensable operation




    Sensor body: V4A stainless steel 1.4571 Protective cup: POM
    Temperature sensor: V4A stainless steel 1.4571 Protection rating: IP 68 (0.2 bar, with installed electrodes)
    Electrode connector: POM


    Approx. 1.48 lb (670 g, without electrode, without sensor connection cable)


    AmmoLyt®Plus 700 IQ: 2 years
    Electrodes: 1 year for defects of quality