Analog oxygen sensors - WTW

Analog oxygen sensors - WTW

  • SKU: 201690
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  • Description
    Electro-chemical sensor to measure dissolved oxygen
    The TriOxmatic® with 3 electrode system for the reliable oxygen measurement - patented know-how at low investment costs:
    •Reliable operation by proven technology
    •No run in, no drift: Stable measured values from the beginning to the end
    •Self diagnosis system SensReg/SensLeck by 3 electrode system
    In the analog sensors of the TriOxmatic® series, you will find the ideal solution for your application. In addition to the continuous measuring accuracy, the sensors are equipped with an automatic self diagnosis system, a shorter response time and different cable lengths as options. Regardless of this, all models are supplied with accessories kits and can be connected to the monitor Oxi 298 (exception: TriOxmatic® 700).

    TriOxmatic® 700 – predestined for the use in biological cleaning steps (wastewater treatment plants)
    Universal oxygen sensor with high measuring accuracy and automatic self diagnosis SensReg (electrolyte consumption) and SensLeck (membrane monitoring). Based on its median response time of t90 < 180 s, the sensor is insensitive to air bubbles and therefore predestined for measurement and regulation of the oxygen content in biological cleaning steps of wastewater treatment plants. The TriOxmatic® 700 is alwo available as a salt water version.
    Nur noch als Nachrüstarmatur für analoge Umformer der Serien Ecoline® und QuadroLine®. Als digitale Version weiterhin erhältlich (IQ SENSOR NET System 181).

    TriOxmatic® 690 – suitable for pure measuring tasks in wastewater/water
    Very economic model without self diagnosis. This makes this oxygen sensor suitable especially for pure measuring tasks in wastewater/water where a continuous membrane and electrolyte monitoring is not necessary.

    TriOxmatic® 701 – increased resolution for the residual oxygen in the denitrification
    Based on the increased resolution, a shorter response time (t90 < 30 s) and the thinner special membrane, this sensor can be used for quicker response processes with lower O2 concentrations (e.g. for the measurement of residual oxygen and the denitrification).
  • Specifications


    TriOxmatic® 690

    TriOxmatic® 701

    Order No.

    201690, 201692, 201693V

    201678, 201680, 201682V

    Measuring principle


    Measuring Range (25 °C, depends on respective controller)

    O2 Concentration

    0.0 ... 60.0 mg/l

    0.00 ... 20.00 mg/l; 0.0 ... 60.0 mg/l

    O2 Saturation

    0 ... 600 %

    0.0 ... 200.0 %; 0 ... 600 %


    O2 Concentration

    0.1 mg/l

    0.01 mg/l; 0.1 mg/l

    O2 Saturation

    1 %

    0.1 %; 1 %

    Response time at 25 °C

    t90: 180 s

    t90: 30 s; t99: 90 s

    Minimum flow rate

    0.05 m/s

    0.23 m/s


    SensLeck, SensReg

    Temperature Measurement

    Integrated NTC, -5 °C ... +50 °C

    Temperature Compensation

    0 °C ... +50 °C

    Pressure Resistance

    Maximum 10 bar

    Ambient Conditions

    Operational temperature: 0 °C ... +50 °C; Storage Temperature: -5 °C ... +50 °C

    Electrical Connection

    Integrated connection cable with 7-pole screw plug (IP 65); electrical supply via WTW controller

    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    According to EN 61326 class B and FCC class A


    CE, cUL, UL


    sensor head, Protection hood


    Housing shaft

    Stainless steel 1.4571

    Protection Rating

    IP 68




    Weight (without cable)

    Approx. 660 g


    2 years on defects in quality according to § 10 terms of conditions