Analog chlorine sensors - WTW

Analog chlorine sensors - WTW

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  • Description
    Sensors to measure free or total chlorine
    The electro-chemical chlorine sensors by WTW for measurements in pools or drinking water are connected directly to the monitor CL 298:
    •Environmentally friendly - no use of chemicals
    •Reliable - protection from contamination by membrane
    •Accurate – pH compensation of the measuring results
    The chlorine electrodes for free or total chlorine are already equipped with 2 wire connecting cable and can therefore be quickly and easily connected to the monitor CL 298. For uniform measuring ranges, the sensors must be selected according to the pH value of the applications.
  • Specifications


DPD (Colorimetric) vs. Amperometric (Electrode) Method (English)

Tech Note with a comparison of different methods for chlorine measurement:

DPD (Colorimetric) vs. Amperometric (Electrode) Method

DPD (kolorimetrisch) vs. Amperometrische [Elektroden]methode (German)

Tech Note mit einem Vergleich verschiedener Methoden zur Chlor-Messung:

DPD (kolorimetrisch) vs. Amperometrische [Elektroden]methode

FCML 412 N; FCML 412 N-S (English)

Sensor for free chlorine (drinking water)
Operating manual

FCML 412 N; FCML 412 N-S (German)

Sensor für freies Chlor (Trinkwasser),
Bedienungsanleitung für Ringbuch

zz FCML 412; FCML 412-S * (English)

Sensor for free chlorine (drinking water)
Operating manual