Lab pH meter inoLab® pH 7110

Lab pH meter inoLab® pH 7110

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  • Description

    Simple, easy-to-use lab pH meter for the routine measurement with reproducable measuring results and increased measuring accuracy

    •Repeatable measuring results by automatic recognition of stable values
    •Secure operation: Automated functions reduce the number of keys
    •Increased measuring accuracy by calibration timer with periodic reminders for calibration
    The inoLab® pH 7110 is highly suitable for routine measurements in the lab, where automatic documentation is not a priority. Less keys make operation simple and safe. With smooth, easy to clean surface.
  • Specifications
    Parameter pH/mV/Temp
    Measuring range pH -2.000 ... 19.999
    Measuring range Temperature -5.0 ... 105.0 oC
    Measuring range mV -1200.0 ...+1200 / -2000...+2000mV
    Accuracy pH +/- 0.005/ +/-0.01/0.1 
    Accuracy mV +/- 0.3 mV/ +/- 1 mV
    Accuracy Temperature +/-0.1 K


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