Lab 855 - Meter

Lab 855 - Meter

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    Analog Benchtop Meters pH/ORP
    Old order no. Old model New order no. New model
    285206300 Lab 855 1AA110 inoLab® pH 7110
    285206310 Lab 865 1AA310 inoLab® pH 7310
    285206700 Lab 855 Set 1AA114 inoLab® pH 7110 Set 4
    285206710 Lab 865 Set 1AA314 inoLab® pH 7310 Set 4
    285206810 Lab 845 Set/BL 19 pH 285206470 + 103811 Lab 845 + SenTix® 84
    285206820 Lab 845 Set/BL 25 pH 285206470 + 103633 Lab 845 + SenTix® 22
    285206830 Lab 845 Set/BL 29 pH 285206470 + 103806 Lab 845 + SenTix® 44


    pH meter Lab 855
    Precise. Reliable. Selective.

    The Lab 855, the most modern measuring technology available along with new functionality such as AutoRead and CMC (measuring range monitoring) wich makes lab measurements even more reliable.

    - Reproducible measuring results with active AutoRead function
    - Simple calibration with adjustable calibration timer
    - Intuitive operation with clearly arranged keyboard

    The Lab 855 for pH measurementsis a perfectly suited benchtop meter
    for measurements in laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medical labs.
    Precise measurements
    Users achieve reproducible measured results due to the active automatic AutoRead function with independent
    detection of stable measuring values. An adjustable calibration timer assists in an increased
    improvement of the accuracy.
    Easy to operate
    The user-friendly keyboard with large, easy to read LCD display, deliver all relevant information at a

  • Specifications
    measuring range pH -2 … 16. -2000 … 2000 mV. temperature: -10 … 100 °C. ISE 0 … 30000 ppm
    Display Graphic LCD Display. 128 x 64 pixel, backlid
    storage none
    channels 1
    protection IP 40
    interface USB
    Power supply external power supply 5 V DC of 100 - 240 V. 50/60 Hz. power input: 5 Watt


  • handbook

    pH Handbook (English)

    A guide with helpful practical tips

    pH HandbookContents:

      • Basic concepts of potentiometry and pH measurement
      • Structure of pH electrodes
      • Potentiometry of the pH electrode
      • Buffer solutions and safety in pH measurement
      • Measuring equipment and measuring set-up
      • Practical pH measurement
      • Recommendations for use, maintenance and care of electrode
  • Manual

    Blueline pH (Manual, DE, EN, FR, ES)

    pH Combination Electrodes
    Document No.: 8188023