Glass Polarimeter Tube, Centre fill, Plastic end caps | Bellingham + Stanley

Glass Polarimeter Tube, Centre fill, Plastic end caps | Bellingham + Stanley

  • SKU: 35-46
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  • Description

    These polarimeter tubes have nylon plastic end caps and a centre fill opening for easy sample application and to allow for a temperature probe. These tubes are the most popular in our range as they offer affordability and simplicity of use in regard to sample handling. Importantly, these tubes are able to accept the addition of a sample temperature probe without causing interference with the measurement light beam and so are recommended for use with ADP400 and ADP600 Series polarimeters.

    Our polarimeter tubes are manufactured to high quality standards conforming to ICUMSA recommendations and are compatible with most makes of polarimeter. Tube ends are precision ground with windows made from specially selected low strain glass in order to achieve highest accuracy optical rotation measurement.

    Bellingham + Stanley engineered standard polarimeter tubes are suitable for most digital polarimeters no matter the manufacturer. 

    • Available as 100 mm and 200 mm lengths
    • Precision engineered
    • Standard tubes
    • Suitable for ADP430 and polarimeters not requiring temperature control
  • Specifications
    General Specifications
    Code 35-46
    Tube Material Glass (SCHOTT® Boroscilicate)
    End Cap Material Nylon 66
    Inlet/Outlet Centre
    Length 100mm
    Collar Size 30mm (ICUMSA Standard)
    Internal Diameter 8mm
    Volume 5.02 ml
    Window Material Silica
    Transmission 300-900 nm
    Seal (tube/end cap) Epoxy Resin

    Spare Parts
    Window (Cover Glass) 35-60
    Washers 35-64
    End Cap 35-68

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