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Xylem Analytics offers high-quality instruments and sensors for the parameters pH/ORP, ion-selective wet chemical analysis, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. For daily work, the portfolio includes precise laboratory measuring instruments and robust portable measuring systems as well as a variety of sensors and electrodes for the determination of the most important measuring parameter pH.

New catalogue for titration - the first address for titration

The new titration catalog from Xylem Analytics contains all components for manual or automated titration for your use in the laboratory. Learn more about all products in the laboratory environment: coulometric and volumetric titrators, burettes, sample changers, the appropriate software and the corresponding titration electrodes and all accessories related to titration.

pH Electrodes

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pH/ORP, Cond, DO Meters and Probes

Xylem Analytics offers high quality meters and sensors from WTW and SI Analytics pH/ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen, conductivity. Our portfolio includes precise lab meters and robust handhelds as well as a broad variety of sensors for the daily work.

Which pH electrode do I need for my acid-base titration application?

In an ideal world, there would be only one pH electrode for all their acid-base titrations. In this ideal world, it would not matter whether the solution to be titrated was aqueous or non-aqueous, had a high or low conductivity and whether only a few ml were to be titrated in a small vessel or 250 ml in a 400 ml beaker.One electrode would fit all of these applications. As you can imagine, this particular pH electrode unfortunately doesn't exist in the real world.

pH and ORP-Redox

Xylem Analytics provides wastewater and potable water metering systems as well as pocket and lab equipment with electrodes for laboratory, process, wastewater and special applications from WTW and titrators from SI Analytics for the determination and monitoring of pH and redox value.

Drinking Water

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