Drinking water panels

Drinking water panels

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  • Description

    Pre-assembled drinking water panel for monitoring turbidity, pH, conductivity, redox, oxygen and free chlorine.

    Our drinking water table according to your wishes

    Each drinking water panel is equipped with piping, pressure reducer, valve, tapping valve, flow indicator and maintenance console.  The version of the measuring panel tailored to your needs also includes the necessary tubing and flow vessels.


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  • Specifications

    Panel / Measuring system

    Outputs                                Relais: 

                                   Power outputs:


    Number selectable

    (mA) Number selectable

    Profinet, Profibus, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP

    Data logger: 

    Data memory for up to 525,600 data sets

    USB interface: 

    Included as standard on all panels

    Electrical power supply IQ Sensor Net:

    100 … 240 VAC (50/60 Hz), alternative 24 V AC/DC Turbidity analyzer: 100 ... 240 VAC (47–63 Hz), 80 VA

    Sample composition:

    5 ... 45 °C (41 ... 113 °F);  inlet pressure max. 6 bar;  salinity or chloride: 500 mg/l



    Panel: PVC rigid foam; 

    IQ Sensor Net: Polycarbonate with 20 % glass fibre; 

    Turbidity analyzer: ABS

    Flow-through cells/piping: PVC

    Tubing: PU


    850 x 700 x 225 mm (H x W x maximum D)


    Without/with Turbidity analyzer approx. 10 kg/approx. 12 kg


    CE, UKCA


    Varies, depending on the sensor, transducer, analyzer, etc.

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