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The benchmark for pH measurement

pH buffers based on DAkkS and NIST-certified secondary standards: the benchmark for pH measurement

Today, measurement results must be comparable and reproducible everywhere and under all conditions. To meet this requirement, common conventions in metrology are used, comparable to the former original kilogram in weighing technology. Our pH buffer solutions are of course traceable to modern international standards, hence the name "Trace". The basis for this is provided by DAkkS and NIST certified secondary standards of the highest quality.

In accordance with metrological conventions, we thus use a chain of standards that can be derived from each other by comparative measurement with defined tolerances. They are structured as follows: Primary reference standard material, secondary reference standard material, working reference material (DIN buffer), technical buffers. It is important that traceability to the highest hierarchy, the primary standard, is guaranteed. This means that all pH measurement systems that have been calibrated and adjusted with buffers from this series are consistently comparable. By using the reference materials cited above, we ensure that your pH measurement is performed with the best possible reproducibility and accuracy.

And to ensure that pH calibration is safe and easy: Calibration vessels built into the bottles allow calibration with precisely dosed buffer quantities. In the case of the 1000 ml containers, any quantity can be removed via the second opening. The 250 ml bottles are specially designed for occasional calibration or for small requirements: small, handy, no additional container necessary.


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