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Multiparameter bench meter, LAB 875, IDS, SI Analytics

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  • Description

    Safe determination of pH, ORP, conductivity & optical DO...
    … with the innovative Lab 875 and Lab 875P.

    The Lab 875 with a digital measuring channel is optimal in the world of digital multi-parameter measurement using IDS®. The IDS® technology allows optimized measurements and effi cient documentation in the simplest manner.

    • One-channel multi-parameter meter for all IDS® sensors
    • Digital sensor recognition
    • Optionally installed printer: Lab 875P

  • Specifications
    measuring range dependent on the used IDS sensor
    Display Graphic. BW
    storage 500 manual 5000 automatic
    channels 1
    protection IP43
    interface mini USB-B
    Power supply Kuantech Co. Ltd. KSAC 0900110W1UV-1
    Input: 100 ... 240 V ~ / 50 ... 60 Hz / 270 mA
    Output: 9 V = / 1.1 A
    Connection max. overvoltage category II
    Primary plugs contained in the scope of
    delivery: Euro, US, UK and Australian.