• Multiparameter Taschenmessgerät MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS
  • Multiparameter Taschenmessgerät MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS
  • Multiparameter Taschenmessgerät MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS

Multi-parameter portable meter MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS

  • SKU: 2FD570
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  • Description

    Measure three parameters simultaneously –pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and/or turbidity with the digital pocket meter Multi 3630 IDS

    - Wireless ready
    - Measure, display and document three parameters plus secondary information
    - Digital sensor detection
    Three galvanically isolated sensor inputs
    Triple – 3 channels, 4 parameters: Three measuring channels, freely combinable for same or different parameters: The simultaneous multi-parameter measurement without compromise. Use also the wireless modules together with the nee IDS plug head sensors, be independent from cables and measure conveniently also at hardly accessible locations. Another highlight: This meter allows the operation with the digital multi-parameter probes MPP 910 IDS and MPP 930 IDS.

    The Multi 3630, just like the MultiLine® series, has a brilliant color graphic display and two USB interfaces. The batteries can be charged directly in the device. The activing user administration can also be used alternatively to mark measuring points. The 10,000 data sets include up to three main parameters, three temperature values as well as the water depth if using the depth probe.

    The scope of delivery includes the MultiLab® Importer to capture data via Excel® as well as the MultiLab® User (user administration).
  • Specifications
    Measuring ranges Depending on the respective IDS sensor
    Display LCD color graphic, backlit
    Data memory manual 500 / 10000 automatic
    Measuring channels 3
    Protection class IP 67
    Interfaces Mini-USB-B, USB-A
    Power supply Wide range power supply, 4x 1.2 V NiMH battery or via Mini USB-B



Flyer, German

MPP 910 IDS, 900 IDS - Firmware Update - V1.03

Download and installation notes:

Please note:
Because of optical interferences with the surface the weight has to be removed during measurements with this sensor.

Please carefully follow the instructions given in the Readme pdf file.

Version history – innovations

•V1.03: Update for operating a turbidity sensor VisoTurb® 900-P

Multi 3620 IDS, 3630 IDS - Firmware Update - V3.03

Because of continuous improvement of internal performance we always recommend using the latest firmware version.

Download and installation notes:

Please note:
The cable for the serial USB interface is part of the delivery.

For proper operation of the USB interface a special driver is required.
For installation of this driver please read below.

Existing wireless modules (only IDS WLM-M) have to be updated (V2.00) before operation. Please find the corresponding firmware update below.

Version history – innovations

  • Introduction of the set structure also in pressure mode p (up to 12 measuring heads per sample)
  • Display of the set settings without reading in the heads (left cursor key)
  • Improvements in head registration
  • Improvements in the printer output (even without connecting the power supply unit)
  • Priority USB-B over USB-A
  • Optimized data acquisition for OxiTop®-IDS heads
  • General optimization and bug fixes

V3.02: Enhancements for OxiTop-IDS

  • Introduction of Eco-Mode for optimum extension of operation time
  • Extension of definable measuring period up to 180 days
  • Meter driven synchronization of date/time for the heads
  • Representation of single curves
  • Recall of stored intermediate values in pressure mode p
  • New design of pop-up messages
  • GLP functionality
  • General enhancements

Please download also our new instruction manuals (OxiTop®-IDS (/B)
Multi 3630/3620 IDS) for Multi 3620/3620 IDS and the OxiTop® heads!
V3.01: Bug fix of incorrect data of volumes in the BOD standard and BOD Special mode in the output file header. This bug had no impact on calculations.
- Enhanced for operation of OxiTop®-IDS
-Solving a problem when doing a continuous automatic printing with connected USB printer
-Solves a problem when switching the meters on or off: If the meter does not turn on, first perform a reset: Please press simultaneously “Menu – Enter” and “On/Off”, this will boot the meter automatically (without losing data).
-General optimizations and minor bug fixes
-General optimizations and minor bug fixes

Multi 3630 (English)

Handheld meter
Operating manual

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