Analytica 2020 | Hall A1, Booth 302

The Analytica was postponed to October 19 - 22, 2020 due to the current developments (COVID-19). 
The Xylem booth with the message "Opportunity of a lifetime" will take you on a journey of our analytical capabilities; from the water we use, via industrial manufacturing to the wastewater we monitor and control at the end of the process. And we'll show that the lab of the future is already there with our IDS technology – digital, fully adjustable to your needs and GPL compliant. 

Xylem will feature a number of innovative solutions from its key analytical brands at Hall A1, Stand 302. Established brands at the show include: Bellingham + Stanley® (refractometers & polarimeters), ebro® (temperature measurement, data logging & validation solutions), SI Analytics® (electrochemistry, viscometry and titration), OI Analytical (sample preparation, VOC/TOC & flow chemistry analysers), WTW® (spectrophotometers, pH/Cond./DO/Turb. Handheld and laboratory meters) and YSI® Life Sciences (biochemistry analysers & online monitoring systems).

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  • IDS Gate

    Securely connected – IDS goes on


    No cables, full flexibility, space saving, but absolutely future proof GLP compliant data transmission: The new IDS Gate from WTW enables wireless transmission of measured values of pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. During the measurement meta data directly can be assigned to the measured value. The meta data can include user ID, sample identification and sensor data with calibration.

    Forget about complicated installation procedures of drivers or software, simply connect your IDS Gate to your network and decide on which device (PC, smartphone or tablet) you want display your values.

    A modern REST-API allows the transfer of data without bypass and easy integration into LIMS or EXCEL

    Let us convince you at Analytica of the digital future. Discuss a case study of practical implementation with other users.

  • OxiTop® - IDS

    OxiTop®-IDS – BOD and more


    Respirometric applications with a unique system. The new  OxiTop®- IDS measuring heads with  Bluetooth® LE are designed for a an outstanding range of degradation tests: It includes BOD measurement (biochemical oxygen demand) for self-check, degradation tests according to OECD, soil respiration and anaerobic measurements (biogas) as well as customer specific studies.

    For control and data acquisition the digital WTW handhelds Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS are used.  Specific sets for each application allow an immediate use.

    More information about the products can be found here.

  • Turb® 750

    Turb® 750 - measuring the important indication parameter turbidity


    With the brand new Turb® 750 series the quality from drinking water to wine, from food to beverage, from waste and industrial washing water to fuel can be checked and proved via turbidity measurement. The instruments are designed and produced in Germany and offer the reliable and superb optics with the intelligent reproducibility and plausibility check (IRPC), based on the portable series Turb ® 430.

    Being a lab instrument, a wide range of calibration and AQA support is supplied together with the extended PC data management software offering data transfer with any check marks of AQA and calibration records. This makes your documentation in the lab most complete.

  • Data Logger

    The new Data Logger Generation EBI 12


    The measurement of environmental conditions is an essential factor in the production and warehousing of pharmaceuticals. Because, if these conditions are wrong, the stability and effectiveness of the medicine or vaccines can suffer.

    Economic damage up to extensive recourse claims could be possible consequences.

    So that things don't get that far, ebro® supports you in a GMP-regulated environment with audit-safe measurement technology and complete solutions.

    The FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant data logger system EBI 12 enables you to qualify and validate your sterilization and freeze drying processes in a highly efficient and easy way.

    In addition, we offer you prepared IQ / OQ documents. rther information can be found here

  • TitroLine® 7800

    TitroLine® 7800 -The universal titrator with IDS technology

    SI Analytics

    The TitroLine® 7800 builds on the attributes of the TitroLine® 7750 by adding the benefits of IDS Technology that stores and transfers critical electrode information between the sensor and the instrument, thereby allowing the TitroLine® 7800 perform potentiometric titrations with analogue or IDS electrodes up to volumetric Karl Fischer titrations without the need for manual input of data.

    The IDS measuring input is multi-functional. Digital sensors for the determination of pH, ORP and conductivity can be connected. IDS, or “Intelligent, Digital Sensors”, convert an analogue signal to digital so that the signal is protected from external interferences such as moisture, electro-magnetic fields or pulses.

    The TitroLine® 7800 allows parallel titration in combination with software TitriSoft 3.3X and TitriSoft 3.4X.

    More information can be found here

  • WinVisco 4

    WinVisco 4 – the new software of capillary viscometer AVS®370

    SI Analytics

    The new WinVisco 4 is the ideal software to control the viscometry system AVS®370. Up to 8 viscometry measuring units (ViscoPumps) can be controlled by only few operating steps. The WinVisco 4 is newly programmed – combining clear representation of results with the possibility of comprehensive instrument settings and configuration of the measuring method.

    As the previous version, the software is working in real multi-tasking operation, as WinVisco 4 is cooperating with the ViscoPumps, whose internal software is controlling the time measurement and the measuring sequences.

  • 1080 TOC-Analyzer

    1080 Combustion TOC Analyser

    OI Analytical

    OI Analytical offers analytical instruments that detect, measure, analyze and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids, gases, and products. OI Analytical’s 1080 Combustion TOC Analyzer is easy to use and maintain, providing the lowest total operating cost of any combustion TOC analyzer on the market today.

    The proprietary technologies featured in this innovative system significantly reduce maintenance and downtime, extend the life of the catalyst, and provide flexibility over a large sample range. Ideal for drinking water, wastewater, industrial effluent, petrochemical, environmental lab, and food and beverage applications, this system makes operation a breeze with its intuitive, user-friendly software with built-in tutorials. Paired with OI Analytical’s 1088 Autosampler, the 1080 TOC Analyser-1088 Autosampler bundle works efficiently, while saving valuable bench space.

    Test even the most difficult samples, including samples high in salts, accurately and efficiently without the need for expensive options or additional kits.

    More information can be found on

  • Glucose/Lactate Analyzer

    New Glucose/Lactate Analyzer for food & beverage applications


    Xylem has launched the new YSI brand 2500 Biochemistry Analyser for rapid analysis of glucose and/or lactate in food and beverage products. 

    Based on the established 2900D Series analyser that is commonplace in modern biotechnology laboratories around the globe, by comparison, this cut-down version offers a wide range of application solutions at a very affordable price. 

    The new analyser uses proprietary immobilized enzyme electrode technology to provide results in 60 seconds or less; the results being hardly affected by colour, turbidity, pH or the presence of reducing substances.

    Current YSI 2500 Analyser application methods include the determination of dextrose in potatoes, glucose in frozen or canned green beans and L-Lactate in luncheon meats as well as % cook in extruded cereal products by chemical solubility or autoclave methods.

    Like its big brother, the YSI 2500 features an intuitive graphical user interface, a USB port for data retrieval, and the ability to measure samples from a variety of sample holders including 96 well plates and micro-centrifuge tubes. 

    For a wider range of analytes within the food and beverage and wider industries, the 2900D model can measure glucose, lactate, glutamate, glutamine, glycerol, xylose, choline, hydrogen peroxide, sucrose, ethanol, methanol, lactose, galactose.

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11

    Comply with 21 CFR Part 11 using Bellingham + Stanley instrumentation

    Bellingham + Stanley

    Because FDA regulation 21 CFR 11 states that closed computer systems must have a collection of technological and procedural controls to protect data within the system, Bellingham + Stanley designed a selection of its instrumentation to help customers easily comply whilst using Bellingham + Stanley products. The current instruments that comply to 21 CFR Part 11 are:




    These instruments offer the following key benefits for 21 CFR 11, as well as many more.

    • Compliance without an intermediate PC – less data security risk and lower system cost 
    • Server synchronised clock to prevent data tampering
    • Multi-reading PHR Method for batch measurement as per GLP/PHR
    • Electronic signatures including multi-verification (Submitter > Reviewer >> Approver)
    • Full instrument configuration audit trail 

    To learn more about Bellingham + Stanley’s compliant polarimeters and refractometers please take a look at our blog or visit us at Analytica.

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