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pHotoFlex® pH, pHotoFlex® STD and pHotoFlex® Turb - Update of instrument software and programs (methods) - V2.82 / V2.11

Actualization of firmware version V2.82 for use of LabStation (bug fix)
For installation and last enhancements please read the section below for software & method update V2.81/2.11

pHotoFlex® pH, pHotoFlex® STD and pHotoFlex® Turb - Update of instrument software and programs (methods) - V2.81 / V2.11
Update of the instrument software and the programs (methods) for pHotoFlex® pH, pHotoFlex® STD and pHotoFlex® Turb

Instrument firmware V 2.81
Programs (Method data ) V 2.11

Download- and installation notes

  • Data for download are stored in an ZIP file (*.zip)
  • Save the downloaded Zip file into a directory of your choice
  • Extract all data from Zip file into the desired directory and start the EXE file by double click
  • All information needed to perform the software update can be found in the supplied Read-me given in the zip file

New Features and Enhancements

  • New program for chlorine liquid test kits 00086-00088, programs 110+111!
  • New language package Chinese
  • AutoPrint: data output for all photoFlex® und Turb® instruments directly into PC via Interface
  • LabStation: zero adjustments are saved for subsequent measurements
  • PharmaCal: new calibration option acc. to Pharmacopoeia (pHotoFlex® Turb)
  • Entry of lot numbers for turbidity standards (pHotoFlex® Turb)
  • 1 to 5-Punkt calibration for turbidity (pHotoFlex® Turb)
  • Unit EBC acc. to European Brewery Convention (pHotoFlex® Turb)

  • Instrument firmware V 2.68
    Programs (Method data ) V 2.07

    Attention: The calibration of turbidity and pH will be lost during update!
    Due to enhancements in the calibration menu and protocol the actual calibration data and calibration cannot be taken to the new structure.
    Please perform a new calibration after update.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Enhanced calibration options for turbidity with QuickCAL and user-defined 1-5 point calibration (FreeCAL)
  • AutoPrint for direct data output of turbidity readings:
    all values will automatically be sent to the Interface
    supporting MultiLab-Importer, connected printers and user-specific terminal or LIMS programs.
  • Barcode option via PC and MuliLab-Importer for enhanced sample ID
  • RS232-output ASCII und CSV extended
  • Settings for turbidity calibration in sub directory
  • Calibration protocol extended to new CAL types
  • Selected calibration setting displayed on screen
  • Documentation of calibration implemented in data storage
  • New program for test model sulfate 02537

pHotoLab® S6 and S12 - Methods Update - Version 39 / 41

Update of the method data for WTW Photometers photoLab® S 6, S 12 and Spektral.

Download and installation notes:

For updating the photometers via the incorporated RS 232 interface the following accessories and programmes are required:

  • PC (Win95 or higher)
    Photometer photoLab® S 6, photoLab® S 12 or photoLab® Spektral
  • PC cable AK Labor, WTW Order No. 902 758
  • Program file "UpdateMethodData.exe"
  • 6 Method Data files " pls6md.XXX", "pls12md.XXX", "plspekmd.XXX", .....
  • File "Readme.txt"

Update Procedure:

  • Connect the serial interfaces of PC and photometer using the cable AK Labor.
  • Switch on the PC and photometer.
  • Copy all files (program file and six method data files) into a subdirectory or onto a floppy disk.
  • Start the program file UpdateMethodData.exe from this subdirectory/floppy disk.
  • Now all you have to do is to follow the instructions prompted by the program. The program automatically identifies the connected photometer and is self-explanatory in its function.
  • After approval for the update has been granted, all methods are loaded into the photometer, overwriting the old ones in the process (User-defined methods are also deleted and have to be programmed again).
  • The overall method update lasts approximately 3 minutes.

Version history – innovations

39 / 41:

New program / method #236 for Sulfate
Second method for Sulfate because of a change in raw material. Please read the instructions. Old methods still available.

pHotoLab® S6 and S12 - Software Update - V4.03

Update of instrument software for WTW filter photometers (devices with serial numbers starting with 1423xxxx).

Version history – innovations

Important Bugfixing – for some instruments, the following error may occur:

-Starting the instrument, the message “Remove cell” appears even if no cell is in the meter
-Instrument start up is frozen
-With the update version V4.03, this is fixed, updates can be performed as usual