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ACHEMA 2024 | Hall 12, Booth B91 | Frankfurt

Xylem is proud to present its analytical offering at ACHEMA in Frankfurt from 10. - 14. June 2024.
The Xylem booth with the message "Unique solutions for your lab" will take you on a journey of our analytical capabilities; from the water we use, via industrial manufacturing to the wastewater we monitor and control at the end of the process. We'll show you that the lab of the future is already here with our IDS technology – digital, fully adjustable to your needs and GLP compliant.

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Our brands @ ACHEMA 2024:

Refractometer, Polarimeter & Density Meter

Refractometer, Polarimeter & Density Meter

Temperature measuring, dataloggers and validation

Temperature measuring, dataloggers and validation

Electrochemistry, Viscometry and Titration

Electrochemistry, Viscometry and Titration

Spectrophotometer, pH/Cond./DO/Turb., Pocket and lab measuring devices

Spectrophotometer, pH/Cond./DO/Turb., Pocket and lab measuring devices

Our topics @ ACHEMA 2024:

  • pH measurement with SenTix® electrodes

    pH measurement

    pH measurement is one of the most important and common measurements in the laboratory, the field and all water-based processes. The pH value describes the activity of the H+ ions, or how acidic or alkaline a solution is. The higher the activity, the lower the pH and the more acidic the solution and vice versa. The scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being the so-called neutral point, which means that H+ and OH- show the same activity. The pH value is crucial for many biological, biochemical and chemical processes, its precise measurement is our concern!

    The right sensors for every application

    No two pH measurements are the same. The demands placed on pH measurement can therefore only be met by application-oriented and perfectly coordinated systems consisting of electrodes, measuring devices and buffer solutions, such as the ones we supply. A crucial component in this system is the pH electrode, which is in direct contact with the sample and delivers the measurement signal.

    We have been developing and manufacturing glass electrodes for over 80 years - know-how from which you as a customer benefit. Whether for ultrapure water, jam, wine, creams or drinking water – we offer the right electrode for every conceivable application.

    • Low-resistance membrane glasses guarantee stable measurement signals even at low temperatures
    • Silver ion-free reference electrolyte in conjunction with the unique platinum wire diaphragm in a large number of our laboratory electrodes prevents measuring problems caused by failing silver compounds
    • Functional slider for opening and safely closing the refill opening for electrodes with liquid electrolyte.
    • Connection options: waterproof DIN plug, BNC plug, fixed cable (1 or 3 m) or plug head

    Our top products:

    Low-Maintenance SenTix® pH electrodes with temperature sensor

    Standard ph electrodes with gel electrolyte and temperature sensor for ph measurement in the lab and field.


    • Low maintenance gel reference system
    • Temperature sensor
    • Robust plastic shaft
    • Fiber diaphragm
    • Cylindric

    Learn more

    SenTix® IDS Precision pH electrode

    Precise electrodes for pH measurement in the lab


    • Safely measured values due to signal processing in the sensor
    • Easy electrode replacement thanks to calibration data stored inside sensor
    • Sensor quality monitoring by QSC function
    • Temperature sensor
    • excellent electrolyte flow without clogging by platinum wire junction

    Learn more

    SenTix® pH Electrodes with Double Reference System and Polymer Electrolyte

    pH Electrodes with Double Reference System and Polymer Electrolyte for pH measuring in lab, field and process


    • PEEK shaft for maximum mechanical and chemical resistance
    • most precise measurements thanks to process-proven membrane glasses and reference system
    • maximum operation life thanks to a reference electrode with finely dispersed KCl solid electrolyte (Duralid®) and a double reference system with an open hole and an inner labyrinth reference element

    Learn more

    Here you can find out more about choosing the right pH electrode and answers to your questions:

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  • Multi-parameter measuring devices for lab and field - digital and analog

    Multiparameter measurement in electrochemistry

    WTW® is one of the great pioneers with more than 30 years of experience in the multi-parameter measurement of electrochemical parameters such as pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. The advantage for the user is clear: one device - different parameters and sensors. What was originally designed for limnological use is now indispensable in all industries and applications with digital IDS sensors (also wireless) and a selection of laboratory systems and portable devices: The spectrum ranges from measurements in surface waters to quality assurance in pharmaceutical companies. Automatic documentation of all important sensor, device and user data supports GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) in modern measurement operations.

    inoLab® Multi IDS lab devices:

    The inoLab® Multi IDS measuring devices and IDS sensors – the perfect combination for efficient and precise work in the laboratory. Whether wired or with the new radio modules for IDS plug-in head sensors – reliable measured values with complete documentation of all devices and sensor data are guaranteed. And the MultiLab® user software allows GLP/GMP-compliant user management with different authorization levels. Modern communication interfaces ensure smooth data transfer.

    MultiLine® IDS Series: Portable, robust, digital

    MultiLine® IDS stands for robust, waterproof and reliable portable devices for mobile measurement. They are available in three different versions to suit every customer requirement - from the reliable entry-level to the professional three-channel measuring device.

    Our top products:

    inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS

    Multiparameter benchtop meter inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS

    Digital high performance multi-parameter device with three inputs for pH, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen and comprehensive GLP functions


    • Measures pH, ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity
    • Future-proof as it is radio-ready for the IDS wireless modules
    • Digital sensor detection
    • Simultaneous measurement with three independent measuring channels
    • Fatigue proof reading on brilliant color display

    Multi 9630 IDS

    MultiLine® 3630 IDS

    Multi-parameter portable meter MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS

    3 channels, 4 parameters: Three measuring channels, freely combinable for same or different parameters: The simultaneous multi-parameter measurement without compromise.


    • Measures pH, ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity
    • Measure, display and document three parameters
    • Future-proof as it is radio-ready for the IDS wireless modules
    • Simultaneous measurement with three independent measuring channels

    Multi 3630 IDS

    IDS Sensoren

    IDS Sensors

    Modern devices communicate with a “smart” sensor in which the analog measured values are digitized in the sensor and are therefore transmitted to the measuring device in digital form. The digital measuring system is far less susceptible to interference during data transmission due to environmental influences (e.g. electrosmog or cable length). Xylem Analytics has designed the IDS sensors that not only signal conversion takes place in the sensor, but also calibration data, calibration protocols and serial numbers are stored in the sensor head to clearly identify a sensor. There is a large selection of IDS sensors available for all parameters


    • Reliable measured values through signal processing in the sensor
    • Easy electrode replacement thanks to calibration data stored in the sensor
    • Sensor quality monitoring through QSC function

    IDS Sensors

    Here you can find out more about choosing the right pH electrode and answers to your questions:

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  • Titration

    Titration is one of the oldest methods for content determination in chemistry. In contrast to gravimetry, no sparingly soluble compounds are dried and weighed, but a reagent of known concentration is added to the dissolved sample until the chemical conversion is complete. Titration finds broad use in chemical analysis. On the one hand, a titration can be performed very easily and quickly. On the other hand, titration provides a very accurate measurement result after only a few minutes - under optimal conditions.

    SI Analytics® titration devices have been known for more than 45 years for their high accuracy, robustness and flexibility.

    The product portfolio ranges from the simple TITRONIC® 300 piston burette for simple dosing tasks and manual titration to the TitroLine® 7800 / TitroLine® 7800 -TitriSoft with sample changer TW 7200 for complex titration tasks and TitroLine® 7500 KF trace with headspace oven/sampler TO 7280/TW 7650 for fully automatic water determination according to Karl Fischer.

    Our top products:

    TitroLine® 7800

    Titrator TitroLine® 7800 basic unit with magnetic stirrer and software TitriSoft 3.5

    Automatic Titrator for exchangeable heads for potentiometry including PC Titration software 3.5.


    • Basic unit TitroLine® 7800
    • Software TitriSoft 3.5
    • Magnetic stirrer
    • Stand rod
    • Keyboard
    • Hand controller and titration clamp Z 305
    • Power supply 100-240 V
    • RS232-connection cable TZ 3097, USB-RS-converter TZ 3080 and USB cable

    Learn more

    Probenwechsler TW 7200

    Rotary Sample Changer for piston burettes and automatic titrators

    The number of samples to be processed is growing constantly while at the same time the demands on reliability are increasing in accordance with GLP and ISO standards. The SI Analytics Sample Changer (TW 7200) helps you meet these increased requirements and free up highly qualified employees from routine work.


    • Titration heads and sample trays can be easily changed
    • Interchangeable Sample trays (12 - 48 positions)
    • Connection of two pumps (diaphragm and peristaltic pumps) for rinsing of the electrodes and titration tips and for the suction of the sample
    • pH electrode calibration can be done on the sample changer

    Learn more

    Headspace Ofen

    Headspace Oven and Sample Changer

    The headspace oven technique of the TO 7280 allows the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and semi-solid (paste-like) samples. In combination with the TW 7650 sample changer, up to 49 samples can be analysed.


    • Semi-automatic or fully automatic water determination
    • No contamination of the anolyte, generator and indicator electrodes
    • Application range from 35°C – 280°C
    • Automatic lowering and raising of the needle head
    • Automatic switching on and off of the air/gas supply

    Learn more

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  • Dataloggers for validation and routine monitoring

    Constant monitoring of physical variables such as temperature, pressure or relative humidity with dataloggers

    In many areas of the manufacturing industry, continuous monitoring of physical variables such as temperature, pressure or relative humidity is essential. With a data logger as a special measuring device, relevant measured values can be permanently recorded and evaluated, which are easily transferred and clearly displayed thanks to modern computer technology. Our portfolio includes a variety of modern data loggers whose functions and technical properties cover a wide range of applications. The spectrum ranges from simple but reliable standard temperature loggers, to USB data loggers with PDF functions, radio loggers for automatic monitoring, to highly accurate and extremely robust validation loggers for steam sterilizers. With our practice-oriented softwares, evaluating the data and generating reports is child's play. Together, these various components create complete solutions for almost all temperature-dependent applications in food and pharmaceuticals.

    The following processes can be monitored with our dataloggers: control of sterilizers and washer-disinfectors; monitoring the cold chain during transport, storage and incoming goods inspection of food and pharmaceuticals; sample analysis in the laboratory

    Our top products:

    Data loggers for validation of sterilization processes

    Robust and versatile data loggers with easy handling


    • Routine check
    • Validation
    • Check in steam sterilizer, RDG, RDGE or bedpan washer 
    • Extremely high accuracy

    Learn more

    Cold Chain Logger

    Automatic dataloggers with alarm function for storage and cooling 


    • Refrigerator or storage monitoring
    • Automatic monitoring of compliance with temperature limits
    • Email dispatch in the event of an alarm

    Learn more


    The ebro®  product range includes a large number of thermometers for many different purposes.


    • Core thermometers
    • Infrared thermometer
    • Lab thermometer 
    • contact and reference thermometers

    Learn more

  • Drinking Water Monitoring

    Drinking Water Panels

    The user-friendly multi-parameter measuring system for drinking water monitoring: One new solution – consisting of proven WTW measuring technology.

    On the drinking water panel, we combine the best of both product lines (IQ Sensor Net & IDS) to create a user-friendly solution:

    • Digitally connected thanks to versatile fieldbus communication for secure data transmission
    • Compact and efficient design for easy handling in everyday work
    • Water conservation with low volume flow



    Pre-assembled drinking water panel DW/P IR-Cl-3

    for monitoring turbidity, pH, conductivity, redox, oxygen and free chlorine


    • Infraret turbidity measurement (EN DIN 7027)
    • Chlorine sensor
    • pH, conductivity and oxygen sensors
    • MIQ/IDS-4
    • Piping, pressure reducer, valve 
    • Tapping valve, flow indicator, maintenance console 

    Learn more

    Trübungsmessgerät Serie Turb PLUS 2000

    Turbidity meter series Turb PLUS 2000

    Nephelometric turbidity meter with white (US EPA 180.1) or infrared light (EN ISO 7027), with ultrasonic cleaning.


    • Safe measurements by integrated bubble trap and ultrasonic cleaning
    • Easy calibration with standards that are traceable to Formazine
    • Standard-compliant measurement according to US EPA 180.1 and DIN EN ISO 7027, respectively
    • High accuracy, especially below 40 NTU

    Learn more

    IDS Modul

    IDS Modules for connecting the IDS sensorsto the IQ SENSOR NET

    Modules for connecting IDS sensors. Can be combined with all IQ SENSOR NET systems.


    • For connecting the standard parameters pH, redox, conductivity, oxygen and chlorine with IDS sensors
    • Easy to combine with IQ sensors
    • Compatible with all IQ SENSOR NET controllers
    • Automatic detection of intelligent digital sensors (IDS)

    Learn more

    Learn more about drinking water monitoring from our experts:

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  • Photometry and Turbidity

    Photometers are universal measuring tools that are used for everything from research and teaching to environmental and process monitoring. In the environmental sector, for example, they are used to monitor surface and groundwater. In quality control, they are used in the food and beverage industry as well as in drinking water production. The proven and highly precise WTW® photometers can be used for a wide range of these applications. The reason for this is the large selection of commercial test kits, as well as reagent-free methods and the possibility of colour measurement.

    The devices in the photoLab® series are also capable of performing the tasks required in research and service laboratories, such as scans, kinetic and multi-wavelength measurements or complex multi-step analyses.

    The photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS spectrophotometer adds reagent-free COD, nitrate and nitrite measurement via OptRF to the comprehensive range of proven routine measurements.  It can also determine important parameters such as UVT and SAC and carry out extensive colour measurements. As lightweight devices, the photoLab® series can also be used on the move with a car battery.

    The robust and intuitive photometers in the photoFlex® series are particularly impressive in the field. From the simple photometer to the "Swiss army knife", which combines 4 devices in one multi-parameter device, these are ideal for all applications that require mobility and versatility.     

    Turbidity is a subjective, optical impression and therefore not as clearly determinable as the photometric parameters, for example, but rather an effect caused by the scattering and absorption of light. Nevertheless, turbidity has proven to be an important parameter for quality assessment and control. Turbidity measurement has long been used worldwide in drinking water to determine quality for human consumption. A standardised measurement method for reliable quantification has been developed for this purpose: The measurement method used today in drinking water with a scattered light measurement of 90° is known as nephelometric turbidity measurement and is described in the two standards DIN EN ISO 7027-1 and US EPA 180.1. However, methods of turbidity measurement have also been established in the medical/pharmaceutical sector and in food production, e.g. to monitor production processes or shelf life. In wastewater treatment, turbidity measurement is used as an indicator for mass loading.

    Xylem Analytics offers proven, high-precision WTW turbidimeters for the various applications of turbidity measurement. From quality monitoring in the laboratory to environmental monitoring in the field.

    The WTW Turb® 750 IR and Turb® 750 T fulfil the requirements of many laboratory and industrial applications for AQA-supported turbidity measurement. With the help of the Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC), they deliver highly precise measurement results. Low space requirements, an excellent range of functions and an unbeatable price/performance ratio make the Turb® 750 series the ideal measuring instruments for every laboratory.

    Our top products:

    Spektralphotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS

    Spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS

    The spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS offers the universal use from well-proven routine analysis to spectral analysis with pioneering procedure OptRF for reagent-free measurement of COD, Nitrate and Nitrite. Furthermore, important parameters such as UVT and SAC as well as comprehensive color measurement are supported. Being light-weighted and optionally powered by standard car battery, photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS can be operated On-site easily.  


    • OptRF for standard parameters COD, NO3, NO2 in the outlet of sewage plants
    • Menu-guided operation
    • Multi-step AQA
    • Application support from chlorophyll to wine
    • Comprehensive programming opportunities

    More infos about the 7600 UV/VIS

    Trübungsmessgerät Turb® 750 T

    Turbidimeter Turb® 750 T

    WTW Turb® 750 T fulfills the demands of many lab and industrial applications for an AQA supported turbidity measurement up to 1100 FNU/NTU. With the Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility-Check (IRPC) reliable findings are proven. Measurement conforming to standards in drinking water, lab and industrial applications. WTW Turb® 750 T measures nephelometrically according to US EPA 180.1 up to 1100 NTU/FNU with AQA support and PC documentation:


    • Well proven WTW® optics with fast data output
    • Multiple measurement and data evaluation with Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC)
    • Bench-saving despite comprehensive functionality
    • Invincible price-/performance ratio

    More info about the Turb 750 T

    Photometer pHotoFlex® Turb

    Photometer pHotoFlex® Turb

    pHotoFlex® Turb is the "real" multi-parameter photometer with pH/redox and turbidity measurement. The "original" photometer with 6 wavelengths, full-fledged electrochemical pH, redox and standard-compliant turbidity measurement (IR) for water analysis , environmental monitoring, fish farming, serial examinations and service labs with QC. In addition to the individual device, there is a case set with an integrated laboratory table, accessories and GLP-compliant data management.


    • Over 180 methods for standard parameters, CO2, NH3
    • Unique combination with pH and turbidity measurement
    • Turbidity measurement from 0.01-1100 NTU according to DIN ISO 27027
    • Robust and energy-saving for on the go with sample ID

    pHotoFlex® Turb

    You can read more about photometry from our experts in our blog::

     Blog: The Basics of Photometric Measurement

  • Digital Refractometry & Polarimetry

    Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, offers one of the largest selections of digital refractometers in the world. All refractometers are manufactured to the highest standards and are directly supported by a team of experts and a global network of highly trained dealers with 100 years of experience. Bellingham + Stanley refractometers are available for a range of applications and industry types including (but not limited to) food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and academia. Whether it's a simple portable optical or digital handheld refractometer or a precision Peltier temperature-controlled benchtop laboratory instrument, we have the right product for you.

    We also produce high quality polarimeters which offer the latest optical, electrical and mechanical design principles to deliver an instrument that is both reliable and easy to use. Bellingham + Stanley polarimeters can be found in a variety of applications from research to academic research, testing chiral compounds, optically active chemicals or raw materials, finished pharmaceuticals, sugar purity in the laboratory and even in the confectionery industry to control concentration or mixing ratio of different types of sugar.

    Our top products:

    Digitales Refraktometer RFM970-T

    Digitale Refractometer RFM970-T

    Large measuring range with touchscreen and peltier-temperature control for flavor, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as research and science.


    • Wide measuring range: 1.30 - 1.70 RI
    • High-resolution 6 decimal places
    • Peltier temperature stability: ±0.02°C
    • US/EP/BP/JP compliant
    • Supports FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11
    • PHR-MEAN & ASTM D 2140 methods
    • USB & Ethernet connections


    Polarimeter Serie ADP600

    Digital Polarimeter ADP600 Series with Peltier Temperature Control

    Peltier temperature controlled polarimeter for measuring optical rotation. Suited for use by scientists wishing to measure chiral compounds and other optically active substances in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors as well as for use in academic research.


    • Single, dual & multiple wavelength models
    • Resolution up to four decimal places
    • Peltier temperature control
    • High-resolution 7.4” LCD touchscreen
    • US/EP/BP/JP compliant
    • Complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11
    • Simple method system
    • Suitable for standard & low volume tubes

    ADP600 Series

    DSG Density meter

    Density Meter DSG Series

    The DSG Density Meter Series from Bellingham + Stanley answers a call from customers looking for highly reliable, premium quality instruments to complete a suite of instrumentation from a brand they trust. DSG Series density meters from Bellingham + Stanley are available in 2 unique models offering great flexibility as well as ease of use.


    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compatible 
    • Peltier Temperature Control 
    • Excellent reproducibility 
    • 20 second read time 
    • Strong air pump for thorough cleaning 
    • Standard Leur connectors
    • METHODS based
    • Easy to clean

    Learn more

  • Viscometry

    SI Analytics®, a brand of Xylem, formerly SCHOTT®-Geräte and SCHOTT®-Instruments, is a world-renowned manufacturer of glass capillary viscometers and automatic measuring instruments for viscometry. The product range initially comprises a variety of different and high-quality capillary viscometers made of DURAN® glass, which comply with the relevant DIN, ISO and ASTM standards. After production, our viscometers are calibrated by direct comparison with reference viscometers from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt. The devices for automated measurement range from automatic time measurement (ViscoClock plus) to automated pumping in the viscometer (AVS®), working with a cleaning/waste system and PC control (AVS® 370) up to the fully automatic AVS®Pro III with sample changer. Accessories, e.g. for sample preparation, round off the portfolio.

    Our top products:

    ViscoClock plus

    ViscoClock plus

    The ViscoCIock plus is an electronic timing device for glass capillary viscometers from SI Analytics® for determining kinematic and relative viscosity. In accordance with DIN 53000-1, the automatic measurement of the flow time allows a reduction in the minimum flow time for many capillary sizes compared to manual measurement, resulting in a corresponding time saving. As the successor to the proven ViscoCIock, it now also offers the option of data storage and simplified handling.

    ViscoClock plus

    AVS® 370 Viskositätsmesssystem

    AVS® 370 Viscosity Measuring System

    The AVS® 370 is a PC-controlled, modular viscosity measuring system that can be supplemented with additional components, such as different measuring stands, thermostatic bath and cooler, waste system or burettes for rinsing with external solvent. The basic version of the AVS® 370 is configured for one measuring position, but can control up to 8 measuring positions depending on the expansion stage.
    The AVS® 370 polymer set for two measuring positions shown in the picture is a package that, in addition to the control unit, already contains all the accessories for a complete measuring station, including a waste system: the sample is pumped out of the viscometer into a waste bottle after the measurement - the viscometer is rinsed in this way in the installed state and does not have to be removed when the sample is changed.

    AVS® 370


    WinVisco Version 4, software for AVS® 370

    The new WinVisco 4 is the software for controlling the AVS®370 viscosity measuring device. Up to 8 viscosity measuring positions (ViscoPumps) can be easily operated. WinVisco 4 has been reprogrammed and works with Windows versions 7 and 10. The software combines a clear presentation of the results with comprehensive setting options for the device configuration and the measuring methods. As with the previous version, the software works in true multitasking, as the WinVisco 4 works together with the ViscoPumps, whose internal software takes over the measurement of the flow times and controls the measurement sequences. The monitoring of the thermostat bath temperature has been added as a new function compared to the previous version WinVisco 3.

    WinVisco Software